3 Common Lifan Generator Troubleshooting Steps

lifan generator troubleshooting
lifan generator troubleshooting

Most camping enthusiasts decide to go out on frequent trips that will last a long time. This is exactly why they purchase vehicles like motorhomes and RVs for themselves. The main reason behind this is that these vehicles come with features that ensure campers have a fun time on their trips. This includes having lots of storage space as well furniture that you can rest on.

Motorhomes also allow you to use electrical appliances whenever you want to. However, keep in mind that the power on these vehicles is limited. This is why companies like Lifan have come up with portable generators that solve this issue. Although, there are tons of other problems that you can get on these devices instead. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with some common problems that you can get on a Lifan generator along with troubleshooting steps for it.

Important Lifan Generator Troubleshooting Steps

1. Generator Keeps Shutting Down

Having a portable generator in your vehicle can be amazing. This is because these are compact which makes them easier to carry and store. Additionally, the noise made by them is quite low which allows users to rest comfortably in their motorhomes. Although, running into issues with your generator can be quite annoying.

With that being said, one of the most common issues that people using the Lifan generator have reported is the device shutting down while they were using it. This can be quite annoying to deal with as you might be trying to power up an important electrical appliance. Considering this, you should first understand that there are tons of things that can cause this issue. This is why going through all the different troubleshooting steps is important.

You can start by ensuring that your generator is running on at least 1/4th of its tank. As soon as the fuel goes below this level, your device can start shutting down at random times. Filling up the tank back above this level should help in getting rid of the problem. Other than this another reason why you might be getting this issue can be that you are putting too much load on your device.

Shutting down a few pieces of equipment that take a lot of electricity should help in reducing this load. If this was causing this problem then your generator should now work perfectly fine. You can also check the manual provided along the generator to see what voltages it can safely run at. This should also help you in determining how many devices can be used on the device without it running into any issues.

2. Generator Overheating

Another problem that many people using generators from Lifan have reported about is that their devices are overheating. This can be quite frustrating to deal with but you should note that overheating is usually easy to fix. Moreover, you must take care of this issue as soon as possible as an overheating generator is quite dangerous to use.

The first thing that you should check is if the device is not under a lot of load. Additionally, make sure that it is placed in a location where air can easily touch it. If you have installed your generator in a cramped area then you should install a fan near it. This will help in ensuring that your device is kept cool at all times. Finally, another reason for your generator to overheat can be that the coolant levels on it are running low. You can easily fill these back up to solve the problem.

3. Faulty Parts

If you have gone through all the steps mentioned above but your Lifan generator is still running into issues. Then there is a high chance that some of its parts are faulty. Trying to troubleshoot these on your own will take a lot of time. Additionally, the user has to understand how the different parts work to check them.

This is why a better solution is that you contact the customer support team for Lifan. They should be able to thoroughly check your generator for any issues. Furthermore, they will also provide you with solutions or fix the device for you. In some cases, the company might also provide you with a replacement unit instead.

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