3 Ways To Fix Kwikee Step Retraction Problem

kwikee step retraction problem
kwikee step retraction problem

Some people like to add accessories to their RV and trailers for their own convenience. Considering this, automatic steps are sometimes added which can retract on their own. Even though these are very simple to use once you set them up. Constantly stepping on them will eventually start to wear down the equipment.

There are a lot of moving parts in these steps and there is a high chance that you might encounter a problem with them. In case these steps get broken down, the machinery will stop retracting on its own.

Talking about this, if you run into a step retraction problem with your Kwikee device, then here is how you can troubleshoot.

How To Fix Kwikee Step Retraction Problem?

  1. Step Motor

The step motor is used to turn your steps in a forwarding direction or in reverse. It stops turning once the steps have been completely retracted or extended. The motor is controlled through the button and is one of the most essential parts of your steps. You can locate the motor by searching the top of your step gear.

If your steps are not moving then it highly likely that the motor has become damaged. Observe it while trying to retract your steps to check if it is damaged or not. You can also disconnect the electric cable attached to your motor. After this use a voltmeter to check the current and take a reading. A proper working motor should give you a reading of 12 volts which can be both positive or negative once the switch is pressed.

If your motor has become damaged or faulty then you will have to get it replaced. You can easily search for replacement parts online. Make sure that you purchase a motor supported by the model of Kwikee steps that you are using.

  1. Gear Linkage

The gear linkage is a metal arm used to move the steps in the forward and backward positions. The metal arm is connected to the motor and once the motor starts moving, the arm will move the steps in or out depending on the motor. This piece of equipment requires no electrical power and works completely mechanically.

Although, this part can also sometimes get damaged which might cause your Kwikee step to have a retraction problem. Notice the metal arm once you press down the switch. If you think that its movements are really stiff then that can be fixed by simply adding some grease. Although, if you notice that the arm is not moving at all then the screws or pin on it might be damaged. First, check the four screws on its frame, and make sure that they are not loose.

After this make sure that the arm is connected properly to the bar using a lock wire and pin. If these parts are missing then replace them with new ones to fix your issue.

  1. Check Switches

Depending on the model of steps that you are using they might either contain an override switch or if the equipment is older then it will most probably have a rocker switch. You can easily distinguish these two by taking a closer look at the parts.

The override switch has a magnet placed in them which allows the steps to move and then stop once these have been aligned. If the override switch on your vehicle has been switched on then the steps will not retract when you have parked the RV. In order to close down the steps, you will be required to turn the override switch back off.

However, the rocker switch uses nuts and bolts which have to be perfectly aligned with the motor. These can be fixed easily by removing these screws then aligning the motor with them. After this, you need to carefully put in the bolts which should fix your rocker switch. Lastly, make sure that the wires supplying power to the switches are working fine. These can easily be checked by using a voltmeter.

If you are hesitant on changing these parts or equipment on your own then you can contact a mechanic or take your vehicle to a workshop. They will easily fix the parts that you are having a problem with.

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