Koni RV Shocks Review 2022- Worth It?

koni rv shocks review
koni rv shocks review

Keeping your vehicle well maintained is one of the most important things. This helps in it looking good and prevents it from running into any problems. Considering this, you can enjoy your drive and trips without having to worry about stuff. While that might be the case, you might notice that your vehicle will start to give you a bumpy ride.

This is usually caused by the shocks on your car, truck, or RV. If that’s the case then you might be thinking about replacing them. If you are then it is important that you get the best quality of these products. This will not only help you get a better ride but will also prevent you from running into any serious issues.

KONI RV Shocks Review

KONI is a famous company that has been working since 1972. They focus on manufacturing products related to transportation and industrial markets. One of the best products sold by them is their amazing shocks.

You might have already heard about them due to their popularity. The company offers its users a list of options that they can choose from. The different types of shocks made by them serve various purposes and have a number of features built into them.

Although, one important thing to note is that these are mostly made for heavy load vehicles. These include trucks, RVs, motorhomes, and even coasters. The sizes for these are adjustable depending on the model that you are selecting.

If you are deciding on getting one of these for yourself then make sure that you purchase a pair of shocks that your vehicle supports. The list for these can be found on the official website for KONI. You can also find a list of all the information available for these by selecting a certain product. This can also help you in choosing one of these.


The fine-tune option on these shocks is one of the best things about this product. This allows the users to change the height of their shocks at any time that they want. You can use it to increase or lower down the suspension for your vehicle.

This can then be tested around to find the best possible position for you. Another great feature on some of their shocks is the Frequency Selective Damper, this is also commonly known just as FSD. These shocks contain an additional valve inside them.

It is coated with a filter that will absorb the vibrations coming from your wheel. As a result, most of the vibrations are negated by these shocks and you will notice almost none of these on your vehicle. This allows for a much more comfortable ride than other shocks that do not use this technology. It will also prevent most swaying problems that your vehicle might get usually. The company has been working on adding this feature to all of its shocks.


For the installation process, users can purchase these shocks from the store and then get them installed on their vehicle at a workshop. This is the fastest and best method for this. Although, if you are an enthusiast who likes to install stuff on their vehicles on their own. Then you can buy these directly from KONI.

You can then install them on your own. However, if you have any problem during this then you can follow the guide provided by the company. This is usually included with the shocks but in case you misplace it; you can search their website for one.

Price and Warranty

The price range on these shocks usually depends on the models ranging from standard to premium ones. Although, the overall cost for all of these is relatively cheaper when compared to products with similar specifications from other companies.

This makes KONI one of the best options for people to choose from. If you are interested in their shocks then you should take a look around their website.

Lastly, the company also provides a warranty on all of its products. In case you get any problems from them while using these shocks, you can contact them directly and state your problem. They will either fix it for you or provide you with a replacement.

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