Keystone vs Forest River- Which One’s Better?

keystone vs forest river
keystone vs forest river

Many people love to go out on trips, camping, and even hiking. Some do this as a source of refreshment while others enjoy going out for adventures and love it. Although, when you plan on staying for longer than a few days then you might start having some problems. This is why people purchase RVs. These vehicles provide people with a place to stay and move around freely.

On top of that, you even have access to a kitchen, bed as well as a bathroom. There is a lot of space provided by an RV and you can store all your storage and bring electric appliances with you as well. Even though these vehicles are not cheap, travel enthusiasts still purchase them because of how often they want to go out on trips.

Keystone vs Forest River

If you don’t already own an RV of your own, then you might be considering purchasing one. Two of the best companies that are known for having great RVs and trailers are Keystone and Forest River.

Both these companies provide a massive lineup of vehicles and it can be quite confusing to decide which one you should purchase. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with all the information that you might need about these vehicles, helping in deciding which one you should go for.


Deciding on which RV you should purchase is a really big thing. This is because it is quite a huge amount of investment this is why you should know everything about the company before purchasing something from it. Keystone RV was an independent company back when it was founded in 1996. However, it has now been purchased by Thor industries.

This is one of the biggest businesses around and all their products are amazing. Keystone RV provides a huge lineup of vehicles for their customers and you might have also come across one of these. You can purchase the vehicles from them depending on your budget and requirements. One of the most popular models of Keystone is their Montana series.

The Montana vehicle provides its users with a total of 22-floor plans to be decided from. All of these are luxurious and have a lot of space for storage. Additionally, it also provides packages that will help you stay comfortable throughout all the seasons during your camping trip. Aside from this, the company also has models that focus more on being lightweight while also maintaining their durability by using good quality materials.

From being affordable to completely luxurious, Keystone provides you with a list of models that you can select from. It is mostly up to the user to decide how they are going to be using their vehicle and what plans they might need. Whatever your needs may be Keystone has got you covered with a list of different types of RVs that they provide.

Forest River

Just like Keystone, Forest River is also one of the best brands that are mostly known for its production of RVs. This company also provides their customer with a massive list of RVs that they can decide to choose from depending on their budget and requirements.

One thing to note about Forest River is that this brand owns a lot of other companies which are all manufacturers of RVs. Most of these have really high reputation and all their products are amazing.

One of the most famous companies that Forest River owns is Coachmen. They have been manufacturing and designing RVs for 50 years now. This shows that they are completely dedicated to their vehicles.

On top of that, they also provide over 30 types of options for you to select from. Even though you might not like all their vehicles but it is still really likely that some of these will make you interested.

Similarly, there are a lot of other companies owned by this brand that are all known for their vehicles. Some are directed towards making heavy machinery for a lot of people while others make vehicles in smaller sizes for one or two people to be used. All of these have a high rating and in the end, it all depends on your personal preference to choose between these.

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