Keep RV Tires Off Ground (Everything To Know)

keep rv tires off ground
keep rv tires off ground

Most camping enthusiasts own large vehicles like RVs and motorhomes. This is because these come with numerous features provided specifically for campers. These include having the ability to use electrical appliances while you are traveling. Additionally, you have tons of rooms that you can either rest in or store all of your luggage in. These features can be amazing but keep in mind that these depend on what brand you purchase your vehicle from.

Considering this, you must select a company that is known for manufacturing some of the best motorhomes. The main reason why people can get confused is that numerous brands are manufacturing these vehicles now. This is why you should go through their specifications and the list of features provided to help you in getting the best motorhome. Another thing to keep in mind is that considering your requirements also helps in narrowing down the list of choices that you have.

Storing Your RV

Purchasing a large RV or motorhome can be quite expensive. Although, most of the features provided on these vehicles make up for it. One thing that you should keep in mind is that you must keep your vehicle in check at all times.

This is because no matter how reliable the brand you bought your vehicle from was, there is still a high chance of it running into problems. Keeping all of the facts mentioned above in mind, it can be important that you take care of your vehicle. This should help you in avoiding most issues and even fixing them as soon as possible.

Talking about this, when it comes to storing your RV after your trip, there are some additional steps to look out for. The weight of your vehicle can start to damage the tires if you are thinking of keeping your RV in the same place for a long duration. This is why some people recommend keeping the RV tires off the ground.

Keep RV Tires Off Ground

If you are wondering if you may keep your RV tires off the ground then the answer is “yes”. You can use your leveling system or stabilizers to lift the RV so that your tires do not come in contact with the ground. Although, as for this being a good decision, the answer is “no”.

Keeping such a heavy vehicle lifted using stabilizers has a high chance of damaging some of the essential parts. This includes the leveling system or stabilizers themselves breaking. Alternatively, the frame of your motorhome can also start to bend. This can be quite dangerous and the problem can be unfixable.

On the other hand, if your tires get damaged by holding down the vehicle for a long time then you can simply replace them. These cost no way near the amount you will have to pay to get the frame fixed. Talking about this, you can ensure that you store your vehicle away from sunlight and water so that the tires last a much longer time instead.

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