3 Ways To Fix Jensen VX7020 Touch Screen Not Working

jensen vx7020 touch screen not working
jensen vx7020 touch screen not working

Most newer vehicles now come with a small television installed in them. These can be used for multiple reasons including listening to radio, music and even watching movies on them.

Some might even have Bluetooth on them which allows the user to connect their mobiles to the display. You can then make calls or play music through your mobile which will use the speakers from your vehicle.

Although, keep in mind that the number of features on these devices depends on what touch screen you are using. If you are using an older vehicle then you might only have a radio and not these displays.

This is why Jensen has come up with several models including VX7020 that can be installed in almost any vehicle. These are easy to use but some people have also reported running into issues with them.

One of these is that the Jensen VX7020 touch screen is not working. If you are having the same problem then here is how you can fix it.

How to Fix Jensen VX7020 Touch Screen Not Working?

  1. Reboot the Display

Most television screens like the one from Jensen have a small memory chip on them. This stores information from the system while being used to speed up its processing times. Although, with time the data will start to stack on the temporary memory causing it to slow down instead.

If this happens, then you might even notice that your television has frozen or stopped working. However, simply giving it a simple power cycle will clear its memory allowing you to use the device again.

This is why you can try switching off the television for a few minutes then start it back. Wait for it to turn on and the problem should now be gone.

  1. Reset Device

If you have recently been trying to change the configurations on your television. Then you might have changed something that is now causing the issue. Though, the error can also be from a configuration problem from the system itself.

Trying to pin these down can be quite difficult to do and will take a lot of time. This is why one better option is that you simply reset the device. This will take a few seconds and will wipe all the configuration data along with any errors.

You only have to hold a small pin inside the reset pinhole provides on the screen. Make sure that you hold this down until the display starts to flash.

  1. Contact Customer Support

If you have tried the steps mentioned above then there is only one other thing that can be tried. If you had recently set up the device and it has never been used then check if all the connections are in the correct position.

If they are then you will have to contact the customer support team for Jensen. There is a high chance that either the television has broken down or you got a faulty piece. The brand should be able to help you out with this and provide you with a solution.

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