Jayco vs Keystone: Which One Is Better?

jayco vs keystone
jayco vs keystone

Purchasing a recreational vehicle or motorhome is a huge investment. On top of this, you have to keep regular maintenance over these vehicles even when they are not in use. This can take a lot of time due to the size of these vehicles and you might also have trouble keeping them parked in your garage.

However, if you are someone who goes out on trips quite frequently then these vehicles might be a good investment for you.

Not only will they provide you with a lot of features. You will also stay in comfort all around your trip. Considering this, if you are interested in purchasing an RV of your own. Then there are a lot of companies that manufacture these.

Two of the best ones that you can go for are Jayco and Keystone. We will be providing you with all the information about these companies so that you can choose one of them without any problem.

Jayco vs Keystone


Jayco provides its users with a list of vehicles that you can select from. These ranges depending on your budget and the size of the vehicle that you are looking for. Additionally, the features on these vehicles will also vary but there are some which are present on all of these vehicles.

All the vehicles from Jayco come with a warranty service included with them. You will be provided with all the criteria that need to be followed if you are interested in claiming the warranty.

The warranty period on most vehicles lasts from 2 to 3 years. This can be checked while you are selecting a vehicle of your choice. The official website for this company contains all the models manufactured by them.

You can visit them and open up one of their pages to find all the specifications for them. If you are still confused about one of these then you can use the value-added calculator the company provides. This helps the users decide which vehicle will be best for them.

Most of the vehicles from this company have positive feedback from their users. You can check individual ratings for all of them from the website or by taking a look at reviews. Aside from this, the built quality of all their vehicle is extremely durable.

Most of them use aluminum on their exterior. This type of metal prevents corrosion and will keep all the rainwater and dust particles out of your vehicle. This is extremely important as any water entering your vehicle can damage its interior as well as the electrical appliances in it.


One of the best ways to determine how reliable a company is by checking who its manufacturers and owners are. A company that is trustworthy ensure their users that they will get the best products.

Talking about this, Keystone was originally founded back in 1996 but was later on purchased by Thor industries. Thor is a major company that is known for its recreational vehicles all around the world.

Considering this, you can expect the products from Keystone to be great as well. Just like Jayco, Keystone also provides its users with huge lineups to select from. Some of these are focused on providing their users with premium features to keep them at comfort. These include different sizes and customizable options for you to choose from.

However, it is important to note that these can get extremely expensive. Aside from this, the company also has lineups that are more focused on giving their users affordable vehicles.

These have fewer features on them and the quality of products in their interior is slightly worse than the other lineups. But these are also quite durable and should be more than enough for your budget.

Aside from this, the best thing about this company is the number of floor plans that they offer. You can completely change the layout of your rooms depending on your preferences by selecting a certain layout. These can all be checked out in person by visiting an official dealer from Keystone.

If you have any problems regarding your vehicles from the company then you can contact their helpline. They will answer all your queries regarding the RV and should help you out in fixing any issues that you have.

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