Is RV Antifreeze Safe to Drink? – What To Know

is rv antifreeze safe to drink
is rv antifreeze safe to drink

Camping is one of the most popular hobbies that you will notice all around the world. These activities can help in reducing stress and are also quite enjoyable. Although, you will notice that some enthusiasts take out time for these hobbies. Most camping enthusiasts stay on their trips for a much longer time than usual people. These trips can last from a few weeks to even several months at times.

Considering this, it can be important for them to have large vehicles like RVs and motorhomes. These come with lots of space to store all of your luggage. Additionally, you have rooms that are completely furnished. This allows people to stay comfortable even while they are traveling. Another great feature motorhomes come with is the ability to use electrical devices. While the power provided is limited it can still be amazing that you get to power up appliances.

Winterizing Your Vehicle

Camping enthusiasts will go out on trips regardless of what the weather conditions are. Considering this, they must be completely prepared for these trips beforehand. This helps in preventing most problems and keeping them prepared in case they do get any issues. When traveling in a cold climate, winterizing your vehicle is essential.

This is because the temperature drops so low that the water inside your motorhome will start freezing. This clogs all the pipelines which can also damage them and cause leaking issues. Using chemicals like antifreeze in your water tank helps in reducing the freezing point for this liquid. Keeping this in mind, you can travel in these areas without having to worry about all the water inside your vehicle being frozen.

Is RV Antifreeze Safe to Drink?

As mentioned above, RV antifreeze contains chemicals that help in reducing the freezing point for liquids. This is also used as a coolant to prevent devices from overheating. Although, regarding this, some people wonder if the RV antifreeze used in your water tanks is safe to drink. The answer to this question depends on what type of antifreeze you use.

Most solutions made for RVs ensure that they are not toxic for people. Although, you can confirm this by going through the information provided on the bottle of your antifreeze. With that being said, the RV antifreeze in your water tank should be safe to drink. However, it is still much better that you avoid drinking it. Trying to drink the solution straight from the antifreeze bottle is much more dangerous. As the chemicals in your tank will get mixed up with all the water to remove its toxicity.

Considering this, if a little water gets in your mouth, then it should be of no problem. Keeping all of the information provided above, you should be able to understand how RV antifreeze is safe to drink but it is still better that you avoid it. Make sure that you always keep fresh water with you so that you can consume it instead. Finally, removing antifreeze from your vehicle is also necessary once you are done with your trip.

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