Interstate SRM-24 Review

interstate srm-24 review
interstate srm-24 review

AJC is a famous brand that manufactures batteries for people. These batteries are some of the best ones that you can select for your vehicle. It is pretty obvious that you need to have a good battery installed in your car, truck, or any other vehicle that you might own. This helps in driving around without having to worry about it shutting down.

Although, you should keep a note on a number of things in order to keep your battery last a long time. These include cleaning up your battery so it does not get any corrosion on it and keeping a check on the water level on it. Aside from all of this, one of the best batteries from AJC is their Interstate SRM 24.

Interstate SRM-24 Review                  

You might have heard about this battery from a friend or relative. Alternatively, you might have seen it on the market while searching for new ones. Considering this, you might be thinking about purchasing it for your vehicle. Although, before buying any product it is extremely essential that you know everything about it.

The first thing to note about this product is its positive ratings. Most people suing it have been extremely satisfied. There are almost no problems or complaints coming from the people using this.

This shows that the company really focuses on making its users happy and satisfied with its services. The company is also working on improving all its products even further through user feedback. If you have any problem or question for them then you can easily contact them.

The company offers both a call line for help as well as an online support service. You can get in touch with the support team to help you out with your queries. Although, you should note that the company has certain timings and you should only contact them during it. You can also check a list of frequently asked questions on their official website. This answers most of the problems that the users might have.


One of the best things about owning a battery from Interstate is that it comes with a warranty. The conditions for all of these batteries differ depending on the year you purchased them in. However, you can easily go through these policies by checking them out on their website.

Aside from this, if you want to get your battery replaced due to some issue then keep in mind that there are certain conditions. First of all, you should check if the problem was from the company’s side or it was due to your own fault. If you damage the battery yourself then the warranty on it will void.

Although, if your product dies out on its own before the life provided on it then you can take it to the dealer you purchased it from. They should be able to check the condition of your battery and then provide you with a replacement.

You should also completely charge up your battery before taking it to a dealer. This is because the team will check the battery’s condition before you get your new one. Make sure that you visit an official or Interstate verified deal or shop.


The battery is quite notably lighter than the other lineups from this company. Additionally, the price range for it is really low when compared to other products with similar specifications. This makes it a budget-friendly product.

The structure for this battery and the material used on it is also really good. It is also gone through a complete testing period before going out in the market. The testing helps the company give these batteries a life and performance rating.

If these fall below the minimum values then the batteries stopped from going out to the users. There are mainly two types of these STM-24 batteries that you can purchase. These include the standard version and the other being the Marine version. The latter are mostly made to be used on boats or yachts.

You can easily select between these two depending on the type of vehicle you are going to be using your battery on. Lastly, the life rating for these batteries will depend on the model but the average for these is more than 5 years.

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