Interstate AGM Battery Review – Worth It?

interstate agm battery review
interstate agm battery review

If you require a new battery then you might be confused on which one you should be purchasing. This is because there are a lot of brands nowadays that claim that they have the best batteries. Additionally, there are different types of batteries that you have to select from. Talking about this, one of the most common battery brands that you might have come across is Interstate.

The reason for this company being so high on the list when compared to most brans is that it sells AGM batteries as well. These batteries come with a technology that provides a longer lasting performance for their users. We will be using this article to provide you with a review on Interstate AGM Battery. This should help you in deciding if you want to purchase it or not.

Interstate AGM Battery Review

As mentioned above, Interstate is one the leading companies in the batteries field. This is because of the new technologies and features that they have been implementing in their batteries. Additionally, the company has been working on improving these features through feedback from their users. The two most sold types of batteries from this company are their AGM batteries and their gel batteries.

Both of these are great but one of the major differences between them is that the AGM batteries can hold on to power for a longer duration than the other type. This is because this battery uses sulfuric acid which is absorbed by a mat made out of fiberglass. This helps the battery perform longer and give better performance overall. The overall price for these batteries will highly depend on which model you are selecting. Batteries that are bigger in size and have better features will be expensive than the latter. Although, one important thing about this company is that it is also known for being one of the cheapest AGM battery providers.

This means that even the expensive battery models from this company will be quite cheaper when compared to other companies. Additionally, the company also provides warranty on their batteries. These can last from a year to up to even 5 years. If your battery dies out on its own from any issue then you get them replaced by contacting the company. However, if these get damaged from you then the warranty will get void.

You can visit the official website for Interstate to find a list of their AGM battery models. If you are interested in any of them then you can open up the specific link. This should take you to a page where all the information about that product will be displayed. You can also find out stores where that battery might be available from there.


You already know that these batteries come with lots of services and features. While these might end up varying on various models. There are some technologies that are used on almost all of the AGM batteries provided by the company. Before the company decides to sell these batteries out to the local market. They make sure that all of them are in optimal condition. This is done by running these batteries through different types of test that are made specifically to note down the battery’s performance.

If the battery passes all the minimum power requirements, then it is sent to the stores to be sold. These tests include testing the maximum power input that the battery can deliver even under load. As well as testing the overall life capacity for the battery. These ensure that the battery will not break down under harsh conditions and will last their users a long time without starting to run into problems. While these batteries might be a great option, the company recommends users to regularly maintain these products. This includes check the water level on the batteries and check if there is no dirt clogging up on the battery.

This is a great product and most users that have this battery have reported that it has given them no problems at all. You can confirm this by checking the extreme numbers of positive feedback from people online. At the end it is up to you to decide if you want to purchase these AGM batteries made by Interstate or not.

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