Idaho Tote Reviews – Worth It?

idaho tote reviews
idaho tote reviews

Going around for camping trips during your vacations can be quite fun. This lets you enjoy the wildlife with your friends and family.

However, some enthusiasts enjoy staying on trips for a much longer time than just a few days. When it comes to this, you should keep in mind that it is important to bring a lot of equipment with you.

This will be necessary to ensure there are no problems on your trip. The main issue with this is that you do not have space to carry all of your luggage. This is where the option to purchase trailers comes in.

These vehicles provide you with numerous other benefits along with tons of storage. However, the downside to getting these is that you will have to keep them maintained. Furthermore, purchasing such an expensive vehicle might not be the best option for you.

Idaho Tote Reviews

Freedom Hauler

Freedom Hauler is a famous company known for manufacturing hauler systems for its users. These can be towed behind your vehicle using a hitching system. After which, the user is provided with tons of space to store their stuff.

You can also put on smaller vehicles like bikes and ATVs on the hauler. These are also much smaller and cheaper compared to getting an entire trailer.

Considering this, it is a great option to purchase these for your vehicle, if you are having trouble with storage. Freedom Hauler has a huge lineup that you can select from. You can visit their official website to find all the available products listed.

You can click on them to see their specifications as well as their price. Keep in mind that you must check all the details about a hauler before purchasing it. This will help you avoid issues in the future and should ensure that the product lasts you a long time.

Idaho Tote

You will notice that there are two main lineups that Freedom Hauler has to offer. All of the vehicles then fall under these categories. One of them is the Freedom Hauler series and the second one is Idaho Tote.

If you are not sure what the difference between these two is. Then keep in mind that the brand Freedom Hauler was previously known as Idaho Tote. Considering this, both lineups are the same. The Idaho Lineup was simply discontinued and its name was changed to Freedom Hauler instead.

This is why if you are trying to purchase a new hauler then you should go for the Freedom Hauler. This has several size options that you can choose from making it easier for you to get a model that will be perfect for your use.

On the other hand, if you do happen to find a hauler named Idaho Tote. Then keep in mind that these will be much older. Considering this, the features on them might not be the best and you can also run into problems with it.


One of the great things about getting yourself an Idaho Tote is the number of features on it. The equipment has a bolt-on tongue on it making it easier for you to tow it. Aside from this, you are provided with two toolboxes that contain all the stuff required when handling the hauler.

You will also have a spare tire in case one of the ones equipped on it gets punctured. Though, keep in mind that just like regular tires, you have to keep these maintained as well. One option is to install a tire sensor on them so that you don’t have to check your tires after every trip.

Finally, you are also provided with two ramps with a length of 8 ft. These come in handy when you are trying to put up a vehicle on your hauler. Now that you know all about the Idaho Tote haulers.

You can visit their website to find dealers nearby you that might be selling them. Alternatively, you can purchase these directly. These are one of the best haulers that you can get nowadays. Although, if you are still confused about getting them then you can check other brands as well. Comparing the price and features between these should make it easier for you to select a model.

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