HWH Slide Out Adjustment: How to Adjust HWH Slide Out?

hwh slide out adjustment
hwh slide out adjustment

If you own an RV or motorhome then you should note that these vehicles are like a luxury. The user feels like they are traveling in their own house. They are even provided with tons of features which include having a kitchen, bathroom, and even bedroom.

These allow you to rest easy and have an enjoyable experience while you are out on your trip. Aside from this, some people might even have slide-outs in their vehicles. These are additional rooms in your motorhome and RV that make them feel like a mansion. Some vehicles have only one slide out while others may even have more than that.

HWH Slide-Out Adjustment

The slide-out rooms can be accessed whenever the user wants to and are connected separately from the main body of their vehicle. Some people even think about adding slide-outs to their vehicles. Though, when it comes to this you might have to think about the adjustments.

This is essential and keeping them in check will help you in getting the best room. Without having to go through much trouble in the future. You can sometimes get problems when opening or closing doors and even from the wind pressure. This mostly gives you trouble when driving at high speeds.

The air hitting constantly on your vehicle can make the slide-out unstable at times which can be dangerous. HWH is a famous brand that manufactures leveling equipment for recreational vehicles but they also have some slide-outs available for purchase. When adjusting your HWH slide out, here are some things that you should look out for in advance.

How to Adjust HWH Slide Out

If you are having trouble with your slide out then HWH has a piece of equipment that lets you change the position for it a little. This allows you to get rid of the issue you were getting before.

Though, keep in mind that the adjustment should only be done if the interior trim is not in the correct position or the room is not completely sealed. If not then you can proceed with the adjustment.

Start by loosening up the main nut that is used to keep the slide-out in its place. You can then use a hex key and change the position for your room. Turning it in anti-clockwise will bring the room closer and vice versa.

Keep in mind that a 5/16” hex key is required. If you do not have this currently with you then it is recommended that you purchase it before loosening up the main jam nut.

Finally, after your adjustment is complete, you can proceed by tightening up your screw back in its place. Some people have said that they required a 1/4″ hex key instead of the one advised by HWH.

Though, there are variating slide adjustment units that the company provides their users with. So, that might be the case why it differs for users. However, you can easily purchase a new hex key or even take your vehicle along with you to see which one will be required.

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