HWH Jacks Troubleshooting – 3 Problems And Solutions

hwh jacks troubleshooting
hwh jacks troubleshooting

People all around the world enjoy going out on trips during their vacations. Although, when it comes to staying for long durations, the user has to keep a lot of equipment with themselves.

This is why they decide to purchase large vehicles like motorhomes and RVs. While these have numerous features on them, you should note that there are some issues with them as well.

Most of these are related to keeping your vehicle stable. Considering this, you can use jacks provided by HWH to fix these issues easily. The overall installation process for them is quite easy which makes them one of the most popular choices.

HWH Jacks Troubleshooting

Although, even these can start to run into problems. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with some common issues that can be found on the HWH jacks along with ways to help in troubleshooting them.

1. Jacks Stop Working Completely

One of the most frequent issues people have complained about with these jacks is that they stop working. Although, before jumping to the conclusion that these have become faulty. You should note that several other things can cause this issue as well.

The first thing that you should be checking should be the connections of the leveling jacks with your vehicle. The HWH jacks are automated equipment which means that they require sufficient power to run.

In case some of the wires carrying this current come off or get loose. Then your leveling jacks will most likely stop working. This is why you should carefully observe the wires and then install any that have come out.

Additionally, if you notice any damages to the cables then these should be replaced with new ones. Aside from this, sometimes the problem can also be from your battery as well. Although, if that’s the case then you should be having issues in every socket of your motorhome.

You can even use a voltmeter to take readings of the current coming from your batteries to see if it is working fine. Talking about this, if you do notice any problems then check the water level in your batteries.

Additionally, clean off the terminals using warm water to remove any debris formed on them. If done correctly, your leveling jacks should start working again without any issues.

2. Leveling Jack Stuck

Another common issue that many people using the leveling jacks from HWH have reported is that this equipment can get stuck. If this happens then you might be quite annoyed at first. Although, it is important to note that the problem is usually from an error in configurations. Luckily, the equipment comes with a control panel that can be used to control it.

You are also provided with a reset button on it that will restore any changes that you had made previously. This should also fix the problem that you were getting earlier and allow you to start using the jacks again.

The reset procedure is quite simple and you can start by completely extending the leveling jacks. Once done you can then proceed to completely retract them and then switching off the system. Restart it after a few minutes and the configurations should now be reset.

3. Automatic Controls Not Working

Finally, the last problem that people can get is that their leveling jack gets stuck but the on-screen control will also stop working. One reason for this can be a disruption in current.

Although, if that is not the case then you will have to take your vehicle directly to HWH and get the leveling system fix from there. If the device got stuck while it was open then you will have to manually retract it.

This will take a lot of time and effort but driving your vehicle while the jacks are extended can be quite dangerous. You can start with the manual retraction by accessing the main gears of your device. These should have a small hole in them to insert a key that you can spin around.

One easy method to retract the jacks is by inserting an electrical drill in this hole and then spinning it through it. On the other hand, you can also buy keys online that make it much easier to retract your leveling jacks if they get stuck.

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