3 Common HWH 310 Series Problems (Troubleshooting)

hwh 310 series troubleshooting
hwh 310 series troubleshooting

Keeping your vehicles maintained is one of the most essential things to prevent them from running into problems. This includes keeping a check over the batteries in them, the engine, and even your tires and interior.

When moving on to larger vehicles, the user has to look out for even more things. These include keeping them stored in a safe location when they are not in use and tons more.

One of the hardest things to do is to keep your vehicle leveled manually. This is why companies have come up with automated systems that you can install on your RV or motorhome.

The HWH 310 is an amazing option that you can go for though, there are also a few issues that can be found on it. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a few common problems that can be found along with their fixes.

HWH 310 Series Troubleshooting

  1. Coach Not Leveling

One of the most common problems that people run into is that their coach is not leveling properly. This even happens when the user has set their vehicle on the auto option.

Considering this, you should note that there are a few possibilities for why you can get this error. Most of these are related to an issue with the configuration files on your device.

Though, this can easily be solved by resetting the system. One way is to extend your leveling device completely. You can then retract the HWH 310 by holding down the retraction button.

Once it reaches back to the neutral state. You can wait for some time and then start the system again. If you notice that your leveling device stops retracting midway.

Then you can force the retract by manually twisting the bolts. However, keep in mind that this can take a lot of time and it is only advised If you have an auto drill with you.

Additionally, you should also make sure that no items are clogging the internal system for your device. If anything is stuck in it then it can also cause similar problems. These steps should most likely help you with fixing issues related to the coach not leveling properly.

  1. System Showing Yellow Lights

Another problem that many people run into is that the HWH 310 device starts showing a yellow light on its panel.

You should note that this indicates an error related to the sensors. Keeping this in mind, the user should completely check their configurations for sensitivity. If you are not aware of how to set these up then either consult the manual.

Alternatively, the users can even search online and find guides that can help them in configuring the settings. Once you have set these up correctly, the yellow light should turn off and you can start using the device again.

Although, if you notice that there are multiple yellow lights on the system. Then these usually mean that the sensors on your system have become damaged.

You will have to get these replaced with new ones from the company. Make sure that you contact them in advance and tell them about your issue. If the user still has a warranty on their system then they can even get a free replacement.

If you are interested in this then make sure that you read through the warranty guidelines provided by HWH. These are also available on their official website but keep in mind that you have to search for your specific model.

  1. Red Lights on Control Panel

Finally, another issue that you can run into is that the system starts showing you a red light. This means that there is an electrical problem with the device. Either the wirings have come off or are damaged.

Alternatively, there might be something wrong with your vehicle’s batteries. You can use the touch panel provided by the company to check what is causing the problem.

Additionally, you will have to manually take a look at all the wirings and fix the damaged ones. This can be quite dangerous which is why you should contact a specialist instead. Though, if you want to do this on your own then make sure that your vehicle is switched off beforehand.

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