How to Use Cat Scales? (Answered)

how to use cat scales
how to use cat scales

If you are a camping enthusiast then you should already know how important it is to bring the right equipment with you on your trips. Although, when traveling by car, this is not possible. Additionally, having no space to rest comfortably can also be quite annoying. This is exactly why companies have come up with large vehicles like motorhomes and RVs.

Although, these are not for everyone as some users already have trucks with them. This is why if you still want extended storage on your vehicle, then getting a trailer will be much better for you. These will be quite cheap when compared to RVs because there being no engine on them. However, there are also numerous issues that you can run into with these trailers. Additionally, there are tons of things that you have to keep in check at all times.

Cat Scale

One of the main problems that you can get on your trailers is with their performance. The user has to ensure that the weight between their vehicle and trailer is distributed equally. If you had not done this then there will be a lot of sway on your truck. This means that the trailer will move around even when driving on a straight road making it extremely difficult for you to control the vehicle.

Considering this, when it comes to getting the weight on your vehicle checked, this is not possible on regular weight scales. This is why brands like Cat Scale have come up with stores that you can visit to get your vehicle weighed. These are not limited to RV or trailer users and anyone can visit them to check the weight of their vehicle.

As for the charges, you will be charged around 10$ for the first weigh and then a few dollars depending on how frequently you visit them. If you are interested then contact the company is a great option. They should be able to answer most of the queries that you might have.

How to Use Cat Scales?

One question that many people ask is how to use the Cat Scales from this brand. When it comes to this, you should note that the company has several scales installed in the weighing area. If you simply want to get a car weighed then it should be quite simple and you can park your car on top of the scale to get a reading. However, when it comes to larger vehicles, there are some things that you will have to look out for.

The larger the vehicle is the more careful you will have to be. The company usually has stickers posted all around their store to help you understand how you can get your trailer or vehicle weighed. The thing that you had to do is to ensure that the wheels of your motorhome are on different scales. The front ones should be on the first scale while the back ones should be on the second one. If you have something towed as well then make sure that it is on the third scale. This is because the scales have a weight limit on them and will not be able to weigh all the vehicles at once.

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