A Guide On How To Survive a Hyena Attack

how to survive a hyena attack
how to survive a hyena attack

People all around the world have different hobbies that they are interested in. These activities allow users to have a lot of fun as well as relieve most of their stress. With that being said, camping is among some of the most popular hobbies that you will notice people taking part in. This can be a lot of fun as you get to explore areas you had never been to before. Additionally, some enthusiasts even decide to stay on these trips for long durations.

These can last from several weeks to even months at times. Although you should note that the longer you want to stay on a trip, the more equipment will be required. This is essential as it helps in keeping people relaxed and preventing most problems that they can run into. Though, you should note that packing your equipment also requires a lot of effort. This is because you have to consider a lot of factors to ensure you don’t miss anything.

How To Survive a Hyena Attack

People can start their camping trips after storing all of their luggage. Keep in mind that no matter how much equipment you take with yourself, there is still a high chance of running into some issues. If you are a beginner, then there is an even higher chance of getting these problems. Considering this, you should understand how to deal with these.

The process helps in ensuring that you can prevent these issues in the future and deal with them even if you run into them. One common issue that people ask about is finding hyenas when camping. These are animals that have a high chance of attacking travelers. This is why you will notice most people asking how they can survive an attack from them.

With that being said, you should note that these animals usually travel in packs. Additionally, they can be quite lazy which is why there is a high chance that they will avoid running into a group. However, in case you still run across a Hyena then there are some steps that you can take to survive an attack.

  1. Start by checking if someone from your group is carrying food with them. The only reason why these animals will approach you is if you have meat or something similar with you.
  2. Make sure that you do not show any fear to these animals and don’t even think about running. Hyenas are predators that will start attacking people if they start running from them.
  3. Stay calm and throw any food that you are carrying with you, towards the Hyenas.
  4. Once you notice that these animals have started approaching the food, you can start moving backward.
  5. Take your time and slowly escape from these Hyenas while keeping your face towards them.
  6. If you notice that the Hyena is trying to attack you then fight back using sticks or rocks. Mostly attacking its head should scare off the animal.

The steps mentioned above should be enough to survive a Hyena attack. Though, keep in mind that these animals will rarely come across you if you don’t have any food with you.

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