How to Seal Around Tail Lights? (Answered)

how to seal around tail lights
how to seal around tail lights

Recreational Vehicles and motorhomes are some of the most important things that a camping enthusiast should have. These come with a few rooms in them that can be used for both storage as well as for sleeping or cooking. While many companies manufacture these vehicles. You should note that the features and size of your RV depend on what model you are going for.

Considering this, it is always important that you go through the entire specifications of a vehicle before deciding if it will be good for you. Matching different RVs with each other is also a good option if you want a vehicle that will last you a long time. You can also read guides and recommendations online to help you out with your decision.

Tail Lights and Their Problem

Taillights are present on every vehicle starting from bikes to even large trucks and motorhomes. Although, some people might not understand how important these can be. The taillights on your vehicle are installed on the back above the bumper. While you might think that these are just to make the car good look.

The reason why tail lights are used is that these light up when you press brakes or if you are in reverse. This will then alert the other drivers behind you, allowing them to slow down their cars as well. Alternatively, if you press the brakes too hard then the other person will be able to shift their lanes without crashing into you.

Considering this, the lights can be quite useful but the main problem with them is that these get covered in fog or water can enter into them. Both of these can be quite annoying to deal with as it makes it harder for people to notice your tail lights. Additionally, the water or moisture in the equipment can also burn it.

How to Seal Around Tail Lights

The only fix for the problem mentioned above is to seal the area around your tail lights. Many users might think about how this can be done. The answer for this is that the process is quite easy and you can seal your tail lights the same way as the roof or windows in your RV. Start by taking out the tail light and then cleaning it carefully.

Make sure that all the dust is removed and the plugs for your tail lights are in the best possible condition. Sometimes these can catch some rust and then break which will require you to replace them with new ones. Considering this, if all the steps went fine then you can use a sealing agent to seal the area around your tail lights when installing it back.

There are either silicone-type solutions available online or some of them are rubbers. Both work great which is why you should not have much trouble trying to select one out of the two. As for any seals coming out of the sealed area, you can remove these later on to give a clean look. If these are stuck then heat them slightly to soften them.

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