How To Remove Carpet From Under RV Slide Out?

how to remove carpet from under rv slide out
how to remove carpet from under rv slide out

Purchasing a motorhome or recreational vehicle of your own is a huge investment. Aside from this, maintenance for them is also essential. You have to keep a check over your vehicles even if you are not using them.

Keeping them stored in a safe place can also cause trouble due to their size. Though, the features and benefits that you are provided with makeup for all the downsides.

These include having access to a bedroom, kitchen, and even bathroom. You can also install further devices in your vehicle that will allow you to have even more services.

These include adding in ovens, air conditioner units, and furnaces in your RV. You can either contact third-party companies for these or the brand of your vehicle.

How to Remove Carpet from Under RV Slide Out?

When it comes to cleaning the insides of your RV. The carpet is one thing that you might consider removing. These can start to get saggy over time after which these might require cleanup.

Alternatively, you might be thinking about removing them completely from your vehicle and adding in new rugs or something similar. Whatever the case might be, you should note that there is a procedure that needs to be followed for this.

These usually provide the bottom structure for your vehicle and all the interior is placed on them. You will have to carefully consider this before trying to take out the product. If you try to remove the carpet with force then it might end up damaging your vehicle.

Though, once you are familiar with the process. It should be quite easy for you to take out the carpet again on your own. Make sure that you are prepared beforehand to avoid any further issues during the process.

Gather the Right Tools

Start by gathering all the right tools for carpet removal. Without having access to these, the procedure will take much longer and you will have a harder time. The things that you need to collect are all listed below so gather them up before beginning.

  • Hammer
  • Screw Extractor
  • Cleaner
  • Razer Blade
  • Trash Bag


Once you have all the items listed with you, the user can start removing the carpet. Make sure that you follow the guide thoroughly to prevent any problems.

  • Cut off the carpet’s edge using a sharp blade. If you do not have a razer with you then you can even use a knife. Make sure that you take off all the edges, after which some people might notice that there are paddings below their carpet. You can remove these as well in the same manner.
  • Now proceed to pull your carpet in the upwards direction. This way you can remove edgings that were left easily and you won’t have to worry about the product or vehicle getting damaged. People who are scared of their fingers getting hurt can put on gloves. Rubber gloves should ensure that the knife does not end up damaging your hand.
  • Next, you will have to manually scrape off all the glue beneath the carpet. Usually, a blade is not required for this process and you can simply pull on the product. Applying enough force should allow the glue to come off. If there are any staples within the carpet then remove them manually. Pulling on these can damage the floor of your RV.
  • Now, for the parts of your carpet that are installed under furniture and other stuff. You will have to take off the carpet from their surroundings using the blade and then remove screws. This will allow you to take off the part so that the carpet can come off along it. For any stuck nails, you can use the hammer instead. This will easily allow you to take them out by force.
  • Finally, you can now use the cleaner to completely clean the floor of your vehicle. Make sure that you remove all the glue that has been stuck. If you are having trouble with this then it is recommended that you apply some heat. This allows the glue to become liquid again after which you can easily take it off. You can put all the dirt and dust in a trash bag. Alternatively, use a vacuum cleaner to clear up the surface.

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