How To Keep RV Surge Protector from Getting Stolen? Try These 3 Ways Now!

how to keep rv surge protector from getting stolen
how to keep rv surge protector from getting stolen

Camping enthusiasts purchase large vehicles like motorhomes and RVs. This is because these come with numerous features that are provided to ensure campers have a fun time. These include having lots of space to store all of your equipment. Additionally, you have several rooms that are all furnished. This allows people to stay relaxed even while they are on their trips. Though, one of the best features that these vehicles provide is the ability to use electrical appliances.

Keep in mind that the power in your vehicle is limited and it can be unstable at times. This is why it is important that you lookout for the appliances being used on your vehicle. As for the devices getting damaged due to a surge in voltage, you can install a surge protector to fix this. These are widely available but people have also reported them getting stolen. This is why we will be using this article to teach you how to keep an RV surge protector from getting stolen.

How to Keep RV Surge Protector from Getting Stolen

1. Using Bicycle Chain

It is quite common that you get surges in electricity or low voltage when using your appliances in your trailer or motorhome. Although, the equipment installed in the vehicle can be quite expensive. Considering that these devices will get damaged or even break due to the fluctuations in current, you should keep them protected.

Surge protectors might be amazing at preventing this issue but the main downside to them is that you have to install them outside your vehicle. This has to be where you are getting your main power from. As the surge protector is outside your trailer, people can easily take it off and steal it. Considering this, one of the best ways to keep the device protected is by using a bicycle chain.

Some people think about putting the lid of the main power center on top of their device. Although, this can be quite dangerous as there is a high chance of getting shocked. Instead of this, get a bicycles chain and lock the device. You can then spread the chain around the control center to keep it in place. The process is quite easy and these chains are widely available. This is why you should easily be able to get them and fix the problem you were worried about.

2. Purchase a Lockbox

The surge protector getting stolen is a common issue because of the location it has to be placed. This is why companies have already thought about ways to prevent this problem. Considering this, they have come up with lockboxes that are devices specifically designed for this. You can easily purchase them from the same company that you got your surge protector from.

These are small boxes that will cover your device and prevent it from being taken off without a key. Another great thing is that the box is large enough to store both the cable as well as a surge protector. The only thing to look out for is the quality of your lockbox.

As many companies have started manufacturing these, some have started to make lower-quality devices instead. This is why the lockbox you purchase must be made out of heavy-duty material to ensure that someone does not break it. You should easily be able to get this if you go through the reviews provided by people.

3. Hardwired Surge Protector

Finally, another solution that can be used to fix this problem is installing a hardwired surge protector. These are devices that are installed inside your motorhome instead of outside them. Considering this, the problem that you are worried about can be entirely avoided. Although, the one drawback to purchasing these is their high cost.

A good hardwired surge protector can be quite expensive which is why most people avoid purchasing them. However, depending on how much your budget is, you can easily decide which solution will be better for you. The ones provided above are enough to help in preventing this issue. Although, they will not guarantee that your surge protector does not get stolen. Keeping these facts in mind should help you in deciding which solution will be best for you.

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