3 Suggestions For How To Keep RV Bumper Caps On

how to keep rv bumper caps on
how to keep rv bumper caps on

People all around the world enjoy going out on camping trips with their loved ones. This lets them explore new areas while also making memories with their loved ones. Although, most of these trips are planned during vacations. If you are someone who enjoys going out on trips much more frequently. Then traveling in your car might not be the best option. This is why people purchase larger vehicles like motorhomes and RVs.

These come with numerous features that ensure campers have a fun time while they are traveling. You are provided with lots of storage as well as rooms that you can stay relaxed in. Aside from this, these vehicles also come with a toilet system. This can be amazing but there are also some issues that people run into with them. One common complaint is that the sewer hose cap comes off when traveling. This is why we will be using this article to teach you how to keep the RV bumper caps on.

How to Keep RV Bumper Caps On

1. Install A Screw

The toilet system in a moving vehicle can be an amazing thing. Although, there are several things that you should keep in mind. The first of these is that the supply of water in your motorhome is limited. This is why you must keep a check over the water being used. Other than this, another essential thing is that you clear up your water tank every time you are done with your trip.

This step should be taken care of before you start filling up your water tank again. Additionally, finding a suitable place to dump all of this water is also important. With that being said, the sewer hose that you take out all the waster water from has a small cap on it. This should be installed at all times to prevent any leaking problems.

Although, these devices start to get stiff over time which is why the user has to replace them with new ones. Keep in mind that if you keep on using the same bumper cap then these can also damage the sewer hose. However, for the time being, if you are interested in preventing these caps from coming off. Then one simple process that you can use is installing a screw on your cap.

This should be long enough that it goes through one side and comes out the other. You will also be required to drill a small hole in your sewer hose. But once the screw has been installed, the cap should stay in place at all times.

2. Use A Wire Coat Hanger

Just like the step mentioned above, another method that can go for is installing a wire coat hanger. This is much easier as you have to only drill a small hole. Additionally, a wire coat hanger is quite cheap and you should easily be able to get one. Cut down a piece from it that is longer than your RV bumper car.

Now put this inside the hole from one side and take it out from the other. The topsides should be bent down sharply to ensure that you lock the bumper cap in place. If done correctly, your sewer hose cap should now stay in place without coming off even when traveling at high speeds.

This is quite an easy process but it is similar to the one mentioned above. This is why it is up to you to decide which one will be better.

3. Install A Magnetic RV Bumper Cap

Finally, drilling holes inside your RV’s sewer hose might not be the best option for everyone. Considering this, another solution that you can go with is installing a magnetic RV bumper cap instead. These are manufactured by tons of companies which is why you should not have much trouble purchasing them. The caps lock on tightly to the sewer hose and stay in place because of the magnetic force.

Although, these can be a little expensive. Additionally, the quality of these caps depends on the company you purchase them from. This is why make sure that you go through the specifications of the brand you want to buy your RV bumper caps from. This should help you in getting the best quality possible.

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