How To Keep Moisture Out Of Our Fifth Wheel When We’re Using It?

how to keep moisture out of our fifth wheel when we're using it
how to keep moisture out of our fifth wheel when we’re using it

Going out on camping trips with your friends and family can be a lot of fun. This lets you explore new areas that you have never been to before. Although, there are also some issues that you should be aware of. You must have the best possible equipment with you while you are traveling. If you have a small car then it can be quite difficult to store all of your luggage.

This is why most enthusiasts purchase larger vehicles like motorhomes and RVs. These come with numerous features that are all designed so that campers have a fun time. This includes having lots of furniture that you can rest on whenever you want to. Additionally, carrying all of your luggage is quite simple as you have lots of storage. Though, there are still some problems that you can run into even with these vehicles.

How Does Moisture Get into Fifth Wheel?

Most camping enthusiasts enjoy going out on trips under harsh weather conditions. Considering this, one of the most common problems that you will hear from people is that moisture starts entering their vehicles. This can be quite annoying to deal with as all the moisture can start to damage your furniture.

Even the frame on your vehicle is made out of wood sometimes, this is why the water might destroy all of it. The main reason why moisture can start to enter your fifth wheel is if the temperature outside is too cool. This is why this issue only happens during winters. The cold air outside your vehicle starts turning into water molecules and starts to form moisture. Luckily, several ways can be used to fix this problem.

How to Keep Moisture Out of Our Fifth Wheel When We’re Using It

1. Open Vents

One of the best methods that can be used to prevent this issue is by utilizing the vents in your vehicle. These help in keeping a uniform circulation of air inside the vehicle so that the temperature stays even. Considering this, if you leave your vents open slightly then there should be almost no moisture in your vehicle. Additionally, you will even notice that there is no fog in your motorhome’s windows which can be amazing.

Though, one of the main reasons why so many people avoid using this method is that cold air enters the vehicle. If the temperature outside is too low then you might start feeling annoyed. This can be quite annoying and even dangerous at times. Though, leaving the vents opened slightly should not affect the temperature much if you also have your heater switched on. Vents can be amazing as they keep the circulation of air inside your motorhome as well as ensure that no water enters it.

2. Use Dehumidifiers

Another method that you can go with to fix your problem is by using dehumidifiers. These are devices made to ensure that the moisture in your vehicle is taken out so that there is no humidity. The first thing that you have to do is purchase this device for your vehicle. Although, keep in mind that these can cost a lot and they use tons of electricity.

Considering this, keeping them switched on for a long time can easily drain all of your batteries. You should note that some models use less electricity so that these can be used in vehicles. Though, you will have to first lookout for lineups that have a lower electricity consumption on them. Going through the specifications for these products online should help you in selecting a product that will last you a long time without any issues.

3. Use Sheets When Storing Vehicle

Finally, if you are thinking about keeping your vehicle stored for a long-time during winters. Then keeping it under sheets should help in preventing any moisture from entering it. The steps mentioned above are enough to keep moisture away from your motorhome while you are traveling. Although, these steps will not help you if your vehicle is being stored. Considering this, purchase sheets that are designed to keep large vehicles covered. Using these should ensure that you do not run into a problem like this. Additionally, you can even ask your dealer to help you out with this process.

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