How to Keep Canopy from Blowing Away? 3 Steps To Try Now!

how to keep canopy from blowing away
how to keep canopy from blowing away

Going out on camping trips with family and friends can be a lot of fun. Most people enjoy exploring new areas while also having a memorable experience with their loved ones. Although, you must be carrying the best possible equipment with you. This will help you in having a much better time without running into any issues.

Talking about this, many people get themselves a pop-up canopy. These can be packed down to make them easier to fit in your storage. Additionally, they are quite lightweight so you should not have much trouble carrying them. With that being said, one common question that people have is “how to keep their canopy from blowing away”. Considering this, we will be using this article to provide you with a few ways that can be used to prevent this problem.

How to Keep Canopy from Blowing Away

1. Purchasing the Best Canopy

A canopy is a device that you can set up outside using anchors. Once this is done, the user will be provided with a shade above their head. This can be used to comfortably rest under the canopy, read books or even talk with your family. Though, the most common problem that people run into with these devices is them coming off.

Considering this, multiple factors can cause this issue which is why you should go through all the steps provided properly. The first thing to look out for in purchasing the best possible canopy for your usage. Two factors that you should check in these products is the material they are made out from as well as them having a vented top.

A canopy made out of durable material will easily withstand wind pressure whereas a weaker material will tear or blow away. The vented top on these products is a feature that you will have to specifically search for. This allows excess air being blown towards the canopy during windy days to escape easily. On the other hand, if you did not have a vented top then your canopy might get blown away.

2. Looking for Area

While the steps mentioned above will help you out a lot. Keep in mind that none of these steps alone are enough to prevent your canopy from blowing away. This is why you should ensure that most of these methods are used. All this effort will allow you to prevent your canopy from getting blown away. Talking about this, another important thing to consider is what area you are going to visit.

Mostly if you want to use a canopy on your trip. Then it is recommended that you first check the weather forecast and the area. This should help you in confirming if there are going to be any heavy winds on your camping trip. Aside from this, the surface you want to camp on can also be quite important. This has to be firm enough so that you can easily anchor both your tents as well as the canopy.

On the other hand, if the soil is soggy then you will have trouble anchoring the equipment. In this case, one of the best recommendations is that you use sandbags. These can be used to put weight on your anchors allowing them to tightly stay in place.

You can add as many sandbags as you want as all of these will just allow the canopy to become even more durable. Usually, you should add sandbags depending on weather conditions. If heavy winds start blowing then you can add additional bags to put pressure on the canopy.

3. Take Off Your Canopy

Finally, one last thing that you can try is going through the manual provided along with your canopy. This should have detailed steps that can be used to anchor the product. Make sure all of these were correctly followed. Although, if even after all of this, the canopy you are using is still coming off from the wind pressure.

Then there is a high chance that the winds are too much for your equipment to handle. The best option is that you take off your canopy in this case. It can easily get blown away someplace far or even into some other camper. Considering this, it is best that you take off your canopy during the heavy winds and put it back up after the gales have settled.

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