How to Keep Black Tank from Smelling? – 3 Actionable Tips

how to keep black tank from smelling
how to keep black tank from smelling

People all around the world plan camping trips during their vacations. This is because these trips let them have a fun time with their family while also making new memories. Though, one thing that you should keep in mind is that these trips require a lot of equipment. This is why you should consider all the details about your trip so that it can be easier for you to pack your luggage. With that being said, another thing that you should note is that carrying all of this on a small car can be difficult.

This is why a lot of enthusiasts purchase motorhomes or RVs. These come with numerous features including having several rooms like bathrooms and bedrooms. This can be amazing but there are also some problems that you can run into with these. One common issue that people report about is their black tank smelling. If you are also getting the same problem then here are some steps to teach you how to keep your black tank from smelling.

Learning How to Keep Black Tank from Smelling

1. Filling Up the Bowl

Having a bathroom in your vehicle while you are traveling can be quite relaxing. Although, you should note that the toilet in your motorhome is different than the one at your home. One of the major differences between these two devices is that an RV toilet requires you to manually fill up its bowl. On regular toilets, the process is done automatically as you have an unlimited supply of water.

However, the same cannot be said when it comes to motorhomes. Keeping this in mind, if you want to prevent your black tank from smelling then one of the best ways is that you keep some water in the bowl at all times. The small lever behind your toilet or the button above it can be used to flush it down. Holding this slightly will start to pour water into the bowl of your toilet and store it there.

Make sure that you keep this filled up at all times and remember to flush it down on time. This simple habit will help you in reducing most of the smell coming from the back tank. Aside from this, the toilet system on your motorhome might be a little different. This is because the bowl system on these devices can vary depending on the company. Though, consulting the manual should help you in avoiding any issues.

2. Using Fabric Softener

If you already have a habit of filling up the bowl but there is still a smell coming from your toilet. Then there are tons of other things that can be tried. Talking about this, one of the best methods to reduce all of this smell is by pouring a fabric softener into your tank. It is mostly recommended that you put at least two capfuls of this solution but a little more might be required depending on the size of your tank.

With that being said, you should also note that there are numerous companies known for manufacturing these products. This is why you should go through these carefully to select one best suited for your usage. Checking for recommendations online or going through reviews should help you in selecting an amazing product.

This should help you in fixing the problem but in case you do not have access to a fabric softener or if it is too expensive. Then another solution is simply pouring a little bleach into your tank. This can easily be found and it is quite cheap so you should not have any problem flushing it down.

3. Check the Vents

The steps mentioned above are enough to take out most of the smell coming from your black tank. Although, if you are still getting the same issue on your motorhome. Then there is a high chance that the vents for your tank are clogged.

These are installed to keep the smell coming from the tank, out of your vehicle. But these can sometimes get clogged and cause problems like this. Keeping this in mind, simply use a hose to pump water into your vents. This will clear up anything that was blocking air from passing through the pipe. Once done, you will notice that all of the smell from your black tank is now gone.

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