How to Keep Angle While Sharpening Knife? – 3 Tips

how to keep angle while sharpening knife
how to keep angle while sharpening knife

People all around the world enjoy going out on camping trips with their friends and family. This lets them have an enjoyable experience while also getting to explore new areas. Although, you should note that a lot of equipment is required on these trips. Additionally, you have to gather all of this before you start your adventure. Considering how long you want to stay on your trip helps in understanding how much equipment will be required.

Usually, people who are going to stay on their trips for a long time will cook by themselves. This requires you to have a good knife with you that can help in making accurate cuts. Talking about this, one common problem that people run into is their knives not being sharp enough. You can use a knife sharpener to fix this problem but people might not know how to use this. This is why we will be using this article to teach you how to keep an angle while sharpening your knife.

How to Keep Angle While Sharpening Knife?

1. Constant Practice

When sharpening our knife, you must maintain a consistent angle throughout the process. This will help you in getting a uniform sharpness on your knives. Usually, if your angle was not kept consistent then there is a chance that your knife will get uneven. This makes it harder for people to cut surfaces using the knife making it useless.

Considering this, the best possible way to ensure that you can keep a perfect angle while sharpening a knife is by constant practice. Most experts sharpen their knives almost daily as it helps them in maintaining their form as well as keeping their knives extremely sharp. Keep in mind that there are several factors that you will have to understand before you can perfectly start to sharpen these knives.

This includes understanding how to hold the knife and what angle to start sharpening it at. The way you move the blade through the process will also determine how sharp it gets. The best way to get started is that you place the heel of your knife on the sharpening stone. Now you can start moving the knife at the angle you want to.

Make sure that the blade comes in contact with the stone at all times. Once you have completely covered the entire length of your blade, pick up the knife and repeat the process. You have to do this constantly until you notice that the blade on your knife feels a lot sharper. You can keep a piece of wood or some fruit with you to test the knife along the way. This will also help you in confirming when the blade has become sharp enough for you to stop.

2. Using Powered Sharpening

Another method that can be used for ensuring that you can sharpen your blade accurately is by using devices made specifically for it. This is known as powered sharpening and you will notice that many companies have come up with products that can be used for this.

Sharpening a knife using these can be quite easy but they are not for everyone. Considering this, if you are interested in trying out this process then make sure that you get a sharpener with a good guide. This will ensure that every single stroke of your blade is accurate.

3. Using Guides

When it comes to sharpening your knives freehand, the only way to improve your skill is through constant practice. The following information is already provided above in detail but you should note that not everyone has enough time for this. Talking about this, another option that you can go with is using a guide. There are several types of guides that you can purchase and multiple companies are known for manufacturing them.

These are small tools that can be used to assist you when trying to sharpen your knife. The guide ensures that your angle is kept the same every time you repeat a stroke. The tool itself is fixed on to your sharpener, preventing it from moving around. Considering this, if you are someone who is having trouble with this process and cannot constantly practice it. Then your best option is that you get yourself a guide.

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