How to Keep A Campfire Going All Night? Give These 3 Tips A Try!

how to keep a campfire going all night
how to keep a campfire going all night

People all around the world enjoy going out on camping trips with their family and friends. These can be a lot of fun as you get to make new memories and even explore places you have never been to before. Although, there is a lot of equipment required before you start your trip. Depending on how many people are going and how long you want to stay. The equipment required might easily vary. Considering this, make sure that you have all of these factors in mind when planning your trip.

Campfires are one of the most popular features of camping. These help you in staying warm and protecting yourself from insects. The fire can also allow people to cook in it, although, proper equipment is required. This includes having pans and ingredients for the dish you want to make. One question that many ask is “how to keep a campfire going all night”. We will be using this article to provide you with a few ways that should be able to help.

How to Keep A Campfire Going All Night?

1. Collecting Wood

The most important thing that you have to look out for when trying to start a campfire is collecting wood. Depending on what type of wood you collect, the fire might last longer. On the other hand, some types will burn through your fuel and extinguish quickly. Considering this, you should collect firewood that burns slowly.

This will help your fuel in lasting a much longer time so that the campfire can last you the entire night. These include pine, maple, oak, cedar, ash, and birch. All of these are considered slow-burning wood. If you do not know how to distinguish between these types of wood then you should learn this beforehand.

There are tons of guides available online that should be able to help you out. With that being said, another thing to keep in mind is the logs you are selecting. These should be larger as it takes longer for them to completely burn out. The longer the logs you have, the longer your campfire will last.

2. Using Fuel

You might already be aware of the fact that fuel is required to keep your campfire going. Although, one common thing that not a lot of people know is the half-inch rule. This allows you to understand exactly how much fuel will be required for the campfire. Usually, a half-inch piece of wood will last you 30 minutes. Considering this, an inch of wood will last you an hour.

Depending on this, you can use your fuel efficiency so that the campfire will last you all night. Keep in mind, that it is always better that you collect firewood in excess as well as bring more fuel than required. This is just to keep you on the safe side as there is a high chance of the campfire burning out much more quickly. Some people also through rocks in the fire to make it last longer.

Keep in mind that this can be quite dangerous for people who don’t know what they are doing. These rocks have air pockets in them that allow the fire to last longer and save you fuel. Although, if not used properly, the rocks can easily blast and hit people sitting around the campfire. This is why you should avoid trying it unless you understand how to use these rocks.

3. Adding Ventilation

Finally, one last thing that you should be aware of is adding ventilation to your campfire. This allows the fire to breathe and keep on burning. Keep in mind that if your campfire does not have proper ventilation then the fire will die quickly. This is quite a common problem and you might have already heard people complain about their fire going out every time they light their campfire.

Considering this, make sure that you add wood to your fire in such a way that it still has room to breathe. When you notice the fire going out, move the wood away from it so that the fire can recover. This might take you some time to master but the process is quite easy. Messing around with your campfire should help you in understanding how the ventilation works.

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