How To Get Furniture Through an RV Door?

How To Get Furniture Through an RV Door?
How To Get Furniture Through an RV Door?

How To Get Furniture Through an RV Door?

We all know how important it is to feel comfortable inside your own RV, it’s your second home, if not your main, and you want to feel just like at home. Something that is a big factor and also has a big impact on whether or not this feeling can be achieved is through the interior design your RV has, your personality is reflected through the style and decoration you’ve chosen and it speaks volumes.

This time, we will specifically refer to the furniture of all kinds that can go inside an RV and how to get it through an RV door. This subject even if it seems pretty basic it is important because it is a constant issue especially among new or potential RV users. You want to clear all your doubts before getting the commitment of acquiring one, and that is perfectly fine because it is a big responsibility, almost like acquiring a house or apartment.

Detailed measurements

The easiest solution to this common problem is to take very detailed measurements of the door and the available space you have inside your RV. And they are sometimes not completely related to each other since a piece of furniture can fit perfectly inside but not fit through the door, so just take these measures and write them down, this way you can take them with you when you decide to go shopping for furniture.

Detachable furniture

Luckily for us and the popularity of smaller and minimalist living spaces the furniture industry and manufacturers have expanded their horizons and have created either smaller options to choose from or detachable models that can be set apart in smaller pieces so the fit through small doors with no problem. Once they are inside you simply put them back together without any trace of being separated in the first place.

Custom made furniture

If you think your RV is so small and has no hope or simply you can’t find any furniture that you actually like, hiring a carpenter or a professional is always an option, although it can be pricy at times. This way you will have not just customized and original furniture, but also perfectly designed to fit the area inside your precious RV, making use of every space in an efficient way. This is a very practical option if you can afford it. Some carpenters make the pieces from scratch inside the RV if they are bigger pieces, the only issue with this is that you won’t be able to take it out through the door if you decide to change your mind in a couple of years, that’s why you can ask for the custom furniture to also be available to be detachable in smaller pieces. An important point to plan is the design of the furniture. The first thing we need to be clear about is the layout we want to make; it can help you a lot to see photos of assemblies of other RV users.

So now you know how to get the ideal furniture for you RV, never conform with something you are 100% sure of because statistics say that people who make this mistake end up spending more money in the long term because they keep changing it so often.


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