How To Flush Antifreeze From Camper? Explained

how to flush antifreeze from camper
how to flush antifreeze from camper

People all around the world enjoy going out for camping trips in their holidays or free time. This lets them enjoy the wildlife while also staying relaxed. Though, when it comes to camping enthusiasts.

These people might even want to go on trips where the weather conditions are extreme. Additionally, they stay on these expeditions for more than just a few days.

Considering this, keeping yourself mentally prepared and taking all the right equipment with you is essential. While having blankets and heaters with you when going to an area with a cold climate will help you out. You should also consider winterizing your vehicle if you are taking a coach or motorhome with you.

What Is Antifreeze and Why is it Important?

Keeping your vehicle completely winterized is extremely important. This is because when driving around in cold climates where the temperature falls below the melting point for water.

You will notice that the liquids in your vehicle will eventually start to get frozen. All the water in your pipelines will eventually become solid which can then damage the valves and even break them.

Considering this, people put antifreeze in their tanks which will then get mixed with the water. This product lowers down the melting point for water making it retain its liquid state even when under a cold area.

This will then help the user to have access to water in their vehicle at all times. Additionally, they will no longer have to worry about the pipelines in their vehicle getting damaged.

How to Flush Antifreeze from Camper?

Now that you know the importance of antifreeze and what it does. The user should also note that once they are done with their trip. They have to completely remove this product from their vehicle.

This is usually done by flushing it out of the tanks in your camper. If you are curious about why this is necessary. Then keep in mind that antifreeze contains chemicals.

If you keep using the same water that has been mixed in with this product. Then it will eventually start to damage your skin and might even hurt your body if the water accidentally enters it.

Getting to how the user can flush out the product from their vehicle. The user will have to follow a few steps carefully that should help them in taking out all the antifreeze from their vehicle.  Make sure that you do not miss out on any of these steps so that the process can be much easier for you.

  • Start by turning on the water pump in your vehicle.
  • Noe moves on to switching on the water faucets as well. These include the ones present in your kitchen sink and even bathroom shower.
  • Once all of these are open. Let them run on for a few minutes.
  • While the pump in your vehicle is actively running, go to your toilet and then flush it two to three times.
  • After some time has passed, you will notice that the water running from your taps is now clear. You can then proceed to turn off all the faucets in your vehicle along with the pump.
  • If the user had previously taken out water filters from their vehicle. These should be taken out of your vehicle’s storage and you can install them again.
  • Additionally, you can set up your heater to its original settings now and then proceed to take out your holding and black water tanks.
  • These should contain the water with antifreeze. This is why the user should make sure that they dump them on an official dumping site.

Some important things to keep in mind are that the water to throw out can contain chemicals. This is exactly why you should not through it in a place where an animal can drink it or where it can damage something.

Aside from this, if the user did not switch the configuration settings on their water heater when putting in the antifreeze.

Then this means that your heater still contains water with this chemical. You will have to empty it as well by running out of water from it.

Finally, if you are having trouble with any of the steps mentioned then you can search for video guides as well. Following these should allow you to clear up your vehicle’s water tanks easily.

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