3 Tips For How To Avoid Ticks When Camping

how to avoid ticks when camping
how to avoid ticks when camping

People all around the world plan trips during their vacations. These can be a lot of fun if you take your family and friends with you. People can make memories with their loved ones while also exploring new areas they have never been to before. Although, having the best possible equipment with you is another necessary thing that you should look out for.

The first thing to consider is how long you want to stay and how many people are with you. These factors help people in packing equipment that will be required on their trips. Talking about this, one of the main concerns people have is related to ticks. These insects are quite common in camping sites and they can also be dangerous. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with some ways that will teach you how to avoid ticks when camping.

How to Avoid Ticks When Camping

1. Planning Ahead

As mentioned above, it is essential for campers that they plan. Understanding the possible dangers and problems they can run into will help them in preventing them. Additionally, even if you run into an issue, dealing with it and fixing it will be quite easy if you already know what to do. Moreover, having the best possible equipment with you will speed the process of dealing with your problems. Usually, these ticks have a season that lasts from April to September.

This is the time when these ticks will be most active. Furthermore, the camping site or area you are visiting might already have services to deal with these ticks. This is why you should first contact the site to check if they have any security services related to ticks. Aside from this, the user can also take some equipment with them that will help them deal with these ticks. This includes having a tape with you, pair of tweezers, and finally an ointment or rubbing alcohol.

2. Staying Off Grass

Ticks are one of the most annoying types of insects as these can sneak beneath your clothing. Additionally, them biting someone can also cause diseases that are quite dangerous. Considering this, even if you have the equipment required to deal with a tick bite., you should avoid running into them.

These insects are known for living in moist and humid environments, this includes long grass or litter. Keeping this in mind, you should stay away from these bushes and grass. Instead, the user can walk on clear paths. Most camping sites provide clear trails that you can walk in just so these ticks can be avoided.

Similarly, another thing to keep in mind is where you are setting up your tent. This should also be a dry area with no moist grass. Usually, setting up the tent in sunlight instead of a dark area can be enough to avoid any ticks from coming near you. You can also bring portable chairs with you on your trip. These will help you in sitting comfortably without having to come in contact with grass.

3. Dressing Properly

The clothes you are wearing can also play a huge role in preventing any ticks from biting you. It is mostly recommended that you wear clothes that will cover your arms and legs entirely. Light-colored clothes can be even better as the ticks are easily visible on them. Even if they stick to your clothes, people can easily identify them and take them off before the insect enters your shirt.

Though, the temperature that you are camping in also plays a huge role in how you dress. Considering this, it is important to ensure you do not suffocate and threaten yourself of getting a stroke. Aside from this, tucking in your clothes is also important because these ticks can easily enter your clothes. Using socks and tucking your shirt and pants will prevent these insects from entering.

Although, another option is that you go for clothes that are already treated. These use chemicals that are also known as repellents. Using these will keep ticks off you and the chemicals last up to 70 washes. You can also get yourself a spray to kill ticks on contact. There are tons of companies that manufacture these products, this is why you should ensure that you select a reliable brand.

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