Goshen Lift System For RV: Is It A Worthy Decision?

goshen lift system
goshen lift system

Camping is the perfect get-away for most of us as it allows us to breathe freely, away from all the worries, stress, and spend some time with our loved ones in peace. However, attracting the camping might look to you, it is not easy to live in the wilderness or remote places and people are looking always to make their experience a whole lot comfortable with the camping.

You might choose to go old-school camping alone where you can build tents, and cook your own meal on the woodfire, but that might not be a perfect idea if you plan on taking the kids with you.

That creates the need for RVs or Recreational Vans that have been a great success in the Northern American region over the past few decades. An RV or Camper Van is the perfect choice that you can have to get all the comforts of your home while enjoying the best that nature has to offer. Being said that, you can drive the van off to distant places, camp in the van securely, without having to worry about the weather conditions or wild animals, and customize it for all your needs.

Pop-up Camper

Pop-up Camper is the term used for RVs that are modified specially to have their previous section pop-up and create the room for you. This allows you to have the proper space for sleeping, stargazing, or any other creative purpose that you can think of while you are out there camping in nature.

However, these pop-up campers need a lift to operate as the metal and body parts of the van can be quite heavy. The lift will also ensure that once lifted, the upper body parts of the van remain suspended in the air securely so you can have the right peace of mind while sleeping.

Goshen Lift System

Here is where Goshen Lift Systems come to play. These lift systems are one of the most trusted lift systems out there in the US and are used for a majority of pop-up campers. Not only most of the major pop-up campers are using the Goshen Lift Systems by their manufacturers, but the after-market conversions and modification experts also rely greatly on them. That makes them the best option for you if you are looking to modify or convert your RV to a Pop-up Camper.

Also, even if you are looking to buy a pop-up camper that has a Goshen lift system installed on it, it will be a worthy decision. The reason is pretty simple as these lift systems are the most durable and reliable out there in the market. Also, Goshen lift systems are so popular that their spare parts are still being made, even for the pop-up campers several decades ago.

So, even if you encounter a problem with these. You will not have to worry about anything and you can get them to repair at any of the dealerships around you. Part sourcing will also be easy and since the manufacturing is done locally, you will not have to worry about affordability either.

How do they work?

Goshen lifts have the easiest to install system out there. This system is also easy to maintain and replaced if necessary. There is only one cable that is operating the whole spring push system, and since there is no hydraulics involved, the wear and tear and the possible maintenance costs are greatly reduced.

The best part is that you can either operate the system with a manual crank or an approved motorized winch that is easily available in the market.

Some applications

The Goshen Lift system is making these lifts since 1976 and has been one of the pioneers in the industry. The lifts have been in the market for quite some time now, and that makes it a wide list of Pop-up Campers that these lists were being used for. Some of the notable vans that you must know of are:

  • Skamper (1977)
  • Sunlite(1987-1994)
  • Viking (Since 1995)
  • Rockwood (Since 1994)

These are just a few examples, but the inventory goes way beyond these and there are multiple other models and vans that are using these lifts. That gives you an idea about the reliability and dependability of these lifts.

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