3 Ways To Fix Gooseneck Adapter Failure

gooseneck adapter failure
gooseneck adapter failure

Gooseneck Adapter is a type of equipment that you place on the rails of your vehicle. This allows you to use the adapter to tow down stuff with your vehicle. These include trailers, pop-up campers, and similar stuff. The company guarantees that the adapters are able to withstand heavy load and you can easily pull around machinery with your vehicle.

On top of providing a low price, these adapters are extremely easy to install. If you have any problems trying to install these then you can follow the manual which gives the users a step-by-step information guide on how to put these on their vehicles.

The Gooseneck adapter might sound like the perfect option for towing but it is considered to be a failure under some conditions.  We will be using this article to tell you about this and how you can prevent it.

Gooseneck Adapter Failure

  1. Towing Heavy Load

The company that manufactures this product is known as Curt. While it might claim that these adapters can pull around a lot of heavyweight without any problem. You should note that if you decide to attack heavy machinery with this adapter then all the weight will most likely fall on your vehicle. Most users have reported that their vehicles have become damaged while using this adapter over time.

After towing down something on this adapter. The entire weight is distributed onto the rails of your vehicle. This might cause the screws to start to become loose and might even completely damaged your vehicle. This is why it is recommended that you only this adapter to tow downlight stuff and do not go overboard.

  1. Warranty

A lot of people have complained that their vehicles have become damaged from using this adapter. You should keep in mind that if your try to claim a warranty on your damaged vehicle then most brands will most likely reject it. This is because using a third-party object on your device will in fact void your warranty.

Some people have reported that their warranty was still claimed but this might not be the case for everyone. This is why you should take a close look at your vehicle before towing down a heavy load using this adapter. If you notice your vehicle getting damaged or strained, then you can remove the load completely or try to lessen it a little.

  1. Adapter Coming Off

On some rare occasions, the adapter on the vehicle might start coming loose. You can easily notice that if you have anything towed down to it. This can be really dangerous if the adapter completely comes off. This is why you should keep a regular check on the condition of your adapter. The screws on it might start to come loose at any time.

This is especially if you are towing a lot of weight on the adapter. Additionally, you should also remove the adapter once in a while and check the condition of your vehicle. This is to ensure if the load on it is not too much for the adapter to handle.

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