Goodyear Endurance vs Maxxis M8008: Which One Is Better?

goodyear endurance vs maxxis m8008
goodyear endurance vs maxxis m8008

Keeping your vehicle well maintained is one of the most essential things to prevent these from running into problems. This included re-filling the engine oil, keeping the batteries clean as well as several other things.

Though, what most users forget to keep in check are the tires on their vehicles. People have to get these filled with air and keep the pressure rating at the recommended level.

If you do not do this then your tires will be worn out faster as well as give you an unstable riding experience. However, after a certain mileage has been covered, the user will eventually have to replace this equipment.

Considering this, numerous brands provide people with excellent tires. Two of the best choices to go for are either Goodyear Endurance or Maxxis M8008. If you are confused between these two, then going through this article should help you in selecting one of them.

Goodyear Endurance vs Maxxis M8008

Goodyear Endurance

Goodyear Tires is a famous company from America. They have been manufacturing these products for quite some time now. Additionally, most of the customer ratings received by them are usually positive.

This shows how much the company is focused on keeping its users satisfied. The Goodyear Endurance lineup from them was launched recently. This is mostly focused on larger vehicles and comes with numerous features.

Though, before selecting this the user must look into the tire’s specifications. This will help them in confirming if the tires are compatible with their vehicle. One of the best things about Goodyear is its website.

You can search for the type of your vehicle along its size to find the best possible tires listed. You can even find stores and dealers nearby you that have the specific product available. When getting to the load rating provided by Endurance.

You should note that it requires a total of 80 PSI. Aside from this, the load that can be carried on the tire is about 2833 pounds. This is more than the Maxxis M8008 but the values are quite close.

Furthermore, people can easily drive around at a speed of 65 mph or even more on these tires. This means that they do not have to worry about their vehicle going fast on highways. This helps out the driver in staying relaxed and having a fun driving experience.

Maxxis M8008

The Maxxis M8008 is another famous tire made for trailers or other large vehicles. The tires are designed to produce less rolling resistance when driving around. This increases their tread life as well as improves the overall fuel economy for your vehicle.

Aside from this, the construction style used for these tires allows your vehicle to stay stable even when a lot of loads are towed on it. Even the shock absorption on these tires is much better than other standard models.

The nylon cap on this device is available in multiple sizes and the user can easily select between these. These small caps increase the durability of your tires making them last a much longer time. The user can either purchase these directly from Maxxis’s website.

Alternatively, you can search for dealers around your area by contacting them. Both companies have amazing customer support, which the user can contact whenever they run into any problem.

AS for the max load and PSI ratings. The values for these vary depending on what rim size you are looking for.

However, when you compare the same rim sizes for both of these tires then the values are almost the same.

Goodyear Endurance might have slightly better ratings but you should note that the difference between these two products is almost negligible. Both products also come with a limited-time warranty on them.

This can be claimed if your tires start giving you trouble before the maximum mileage on them is reached.

You can learn about the details for this service by going through the guidelines provided by both brands. Finally, Goodyear Endurance and Maxxis M8008 are both amazing options to go for.

These have almost the same specifications so you can select either one of them. But if you are still confused then one solution is to purchase the ones which you can find cheaper.

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