Getting to Know the RV: Airstream

Getting to Know the RV: Airstream
Getting to Know the RV: Airstream

What is an Airstream?

Can we really talk about Recreational Vehicles without mentioning the brand Airstream? We probably can’t, being the oldest RV company in the whole industry they are pioneers to all the other popular brands and have helped forge the current RV lifestyle.

If you are an experienced RV customer, you’ve probably done some research on comparing brands, sizes, and different options to choose from and what is more suitable for your needs. In this article, we will go through some major differences between regular RVs and Airstream vehicles so you see for yourself what is best for you.

If we talk about design, an Airstream is usually preferred due to its retro style, the silver rounded aspect bring certain nostalgia to customers who love vintage stuff but with a touch of modernity. That’s why some people may see regular and common RVs as boring since they don’t offer that unique look that differentiates them from the rest.

Regarding quality, Airstream wins thanks to the material it is built with. They have 2 layers of aluminum plates which makes it durable and resistant to bad weather conditions. Opposed to other RVs which have at the most only 1 layer of aluminum panels or simply fiberglass components. This major benefit helps customers to opt for an Airstream RV because it’s something they can keep for many years and even sell eventually if they don’t want it anymore for great resale value, unlike other used RVs which prices drop prominently after you list it as used.

When it comes to mobility it is said that an Airstream vehicle is optimal due to its aerodynamic round design which makes it more compact and easier to travel with. It’s lighter and easier to move around in windy situations and will help you save some gas too because it’s not heavy and doesn’t feel like you are actually dragging something. Airstreams RVs don’t have slides to make for extra room inside which is a downside for some people who prefer a little bit of extra room.

When it comes to price, since an Airstream is considered top-notch RV it’s usually on the high-end category, due to its high quality, durability and luxurious interior components so it may not be an option for people who have a limited budget to buy an RV, so a regular one might be best for team, though it can be considered an investment depending on how much you plan on using it.

There is also a really big Airstream community that will help you and advise with any doubt you may have about the beloved and trusted brand! So make sure to consider it and check it out before making a decision.


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