Generac Generator Will Not Shut Off: 3 Ways To Fix

generac generator will not shut off
generac generator will not shut off

Your motorhome batteries can’t last forever especially if you like to use heavy equipment on them. This is one of the reasons why so many motorhome owners buy portable generators.

These generators can charge your motorhome batteries as well as bear any excessive load that you put on your motorhome.

Generac is a well-known brand for portable generators as well as other electrical equipment.

But recently some reports have been recorded on online forums where customers are complaining about the Generac generator not turning off or transferring power back. If you are in the same boat then here are some solutions.

Generac Generator Will Not Shut Off

  1. Check ATS

Ideally, you want the generator to shut down when the utility power comes back on but if your automatic transfer switch is not working properly then your generator will stay in standby mode instead of shutting down. So, before trying anything else, you should check the ATS first to fix the problem with the Generac generator not shutting down.

In most scenarios, users had to change the fuse in the automatic transfer switches to fix the transfer problem. It is not rare to run into problems related to blown switches while using electric generators.

Luckily, replacing blown fuses is not a complicated procedure and you can do that easily. But if you are not confident then, by all means, you should reach out to a professional regarding this issue.

  1. Check N1 & N2 Wires

It is also possible that there is something wrong with your wiring due to which the generator won’t transfer the power back. If there are issues with your wiring then the generator won’t get any power input from the utility side and it will keep running.

So, to isolate the problem you should use a voltage measuring device on the N1 and the N2 wires.

You have to ensure that these wires are properly connected to the solenoid and there is no visible damage to these wires. Then you can use the voltage measuring tool to test the integrity of these wires. You might have to replace them if you can’t get any reading on your measuring device as they can go bad after extended use.

  1. Call Generac

If you can’t isolate the problem yourself then you should try calling Generac regarding this issue. There can be a lot of other factors that might cause this problem in your Generac generator.

So, if you don’t know a lot about the system then it would be better to ask a professional for help. You can get the company number from the Generac website or send them an email for help.

The customer support team is available at all times to help users if they are running into problems with the Generac generator. Most of the time, you will just need to check the relay and the automatic transfer switch.

However, if the problem is not related to these components, then your best bet is to seek help from a professional or take your generator to a repair shop.

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