Forest River Heater Not Working- 3 Great Fixes

forest river eater not working
forest river heater not working

Most camping enthusiasts want to stay on their trips for a long time. Considering this, they must be prepared for their trips. Mostly traveling for such a long time requires you to have a lot of equipment with yourself. This is why one of the best recommendations is to purchase a large vehicle that can carry all of this. Although, when it comes to buying a motorhome, you will notice all the companies manufacturing them.

This can confuse most people when deciding which brand, they should go for. Talking about this, one of the most popular companies that you can get a motorhome from is Forest River. They have a huge lineup that you can select from which comes with numerous features. Although, there are some issues as well. Recently people have been complaining that the heater on their Forest River is not working. If you are getting the same issue then here are some steps that can be used.

Reasons and Solutions for Forest River Heater Not Working

1. Check Thermostat

The first and most important thing that you should check when your furnace is not working is the thermostat. This device is responsible for controlling the heat settings on your vehicle. Sometimes users do not configure the thermostat which can lead to the heater not working.

Considering this, simply increasing the temperature to a value that is higher than the room temperature should allow your furnace to start heating. On top of this, make sure that your fan speed is not set to zero. You can try maxing out the fan speed, for now, to test if your heater is working or not. If it starts heating then you can adjust the temperature and fan speed according to your preferences.

2. Clean Vents

The motorhomes from Forest River can be equipped with a wide range of furnaces. Considering this, the troubleshooting steps for them will vary depending on what model of heater your vehicle is using. Although, one of the most common reasons why you can get this issue includes having vents that are clogged.

These have to be cleaned up frequently as the dust starts to gather in them. Keeping this in mind, if you have not been cleaning your vents then that might be why you are getting this problem. Simply removing all the dust from them that was clogging the vents should help in fixing your issue. One recommendation is to use a vacuum to take out all the dust.

3. Contact Dealer

Finally, if you are still getting the same problem even after trying out the steps mentioned above. Then you should contact the dealer you got your vehicle from. Make sure that you provide them with detailed information about your problem.

They will then look into your issue and check what exactly is causing it. If your furnace was damaged or faulty then the dealer should be able to provide you with a warranty. Forest River provides a warranty service on their motorhomes that can help you in getting free replacements. So make sure that you go through its guidelines beforehand.

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