Ford F53 Chassis Review 2022: Is It Good Enough?

ford f53 chassis review
ford f53 chassis review

Ford is an American multinational company that has its main headquarters in Dearborn Michigan. The company focuses on both designing and manufacturing products for its users. These include making luxury cars and SUVs. Additionally, the company also provides its users with custom-made chassis that can be used for their RVs or motorhomes.

Talking about this, one of the most sold chassis from this company is their F53 chassis. You might have already heard about it and maybe thinking about purchasing it for your vehicle. However, it is important that you know everything about a chassis before you decide to buy it. Considering this, here is all the information that you might need on the Ford F53 Chassis.

Ford F53 Chassis Review

The Ford F53 Chassis has quite a number of models that have been released up till now. These come out after every few years and have a number of improvements made to them.

This is all done through user feedback and the company is focused on providing users with more features. Due to this most of the user feedback that Ford receives is mostly positive. Aside from this, some users have complained about their chassis having a wobble problem.

Although, you should note that this was a problem in only the older models of this chassis. If you are deciding on getting an older Ford F53 chassis then you can easily prevent any wobble problems by getting the Panhard rod with it.

The problem mainly occurs because of the suspension of this vehicle. Additionally, there are a number of other factors that might affect your vehicle and cause it to wobble around. These include the overall weight or load on your chassis as well as your tires. You need to make sure that you use wheels from a good company that are reliable.

Furthermore, the air in them is not running low. Keeping the balance of your wheels is only essential because it can end up affecting the alignment of your chassis. You might come across a number of articles that show you the death wobble problem on this chassis, but by checking them a little you will note that all of these are from the older models only. The company has improved its chassis a lot from that time and now it has almost next to no issues.


There are a number of different features that can be found on this amazing chassis, although these might slightly differ depending on your model.

This is rated as being 36,000 psi steel, which shows that the frame of this vehicle is really sturdy. Keeping this in mind, you should be able to easily fit your motorhome on this chassis without much trouble. It will also be extremely stable so you do not have to worry about it.

The main engine used for this chassis currently is a V8 gas one. This is a 7.3L engine and has countless features included with it. These include an automatic transmission as well as TorqShift with a 6-speed option. The engine is capable of pulling huge amounts of load without any problems and can deliver an impressive horsepower of 350.

This means that you can easily take carry around all your equipment and a lot of people on your vehicle without it getting slow. The company gives you a number of options to select from while purchasing this chassis. These include getting to select the wheelbase and tires. You can either get a standard tire or select from the list of different optional ones.

All of these are great and will give you a smooth and stable ride. Lastly, the chassis has an ABS system installed in it. Due to this, you can easily stop your vehicle even when you are driving at high speeds.

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  1. Looking at buying a 2006 Four Winds Hurricane gas engine M.H. Reading comments from individuals about this F53 chassis has me concerned alittle. What can you tell me about that year of chassis and what could be added to it to make it safer and limit wobble?
    Thank you

  2. Warning.
    We purchased a new 2021 Winnebago Adventurer with Ford F53 chassis. On the way home from the dealer the check engine light came on for ABS and traction control. Later we lost cruise control. Spent a month dealing with Ford trying to find a Ford dealer that works on motorhomes in the Harris County Texas area. There are NONE. We found one 80 miles away that would take ours. The only other outside Harris County would not let us make an appointment. Brand new and it’s been 6 weeks and still waiting to get it back. They told me they also get units as from Louisiana. There are 4 dealers in Houston websites claim the work on Class A motorhomes, but they don’t. We made a big expensive mistake.


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