How To Repair Flexsteel RV Captain Chair?

flexsteel rv captain chair repair
flexsteel rv captain chair repair

If you own an RV or motorhome then should already know the benefits that these vehicles come with. These allow you to have a relaxed experience when going out on trips. Aside from the exterior and chassis of your vehicle. The interior also plays a huge part in how much you will enjoy it.

Most companies equip their vehicles with comfortable equipment so that you do not get into much trouble. Though, these can easily be replaced if you want an upgrade. Talking about RV furniture, Flexsteel is one of the best companies that you can go for.

They have a huge lineup to select from which makes the process even more fun. You can visit their website to browse through all the furniture listed.

Flexsteel RV Captain Chair Repair

One of the most used products from Flexsteel RV is their captain chairs. These are extremely comfortable and soft and should allow you to relax easily. There are tons of features on the chair which include changing its height and even allow you to lean its back.

Though, many people have reported about getting problems with the product as well. If you are also getting an issue then you should note that the chair can be repaired easily.

Before you start with the process, it is recommended that you try resetting the device and check for loose wiring. These are usually the reason to get problems with the furniture. But if some part has fried out then you will have to replace it completely.

The only requirement is to be prepared beforehand so that you do not have much trouble during the process. These include purchasing parts that you want to replace and keeping a set of equipment to open the device.

You can easily get the replacement parts from a furniture store nearby you or by searching online. Just make sure that these are compatible with your device so that you do not have to return them later on. To repair the Flexsteel RV Captain Chair, start by troubleshooting it completely.

Once you have the parts that need replacement, disconnect the chair from power and take off the panel behind it. If you are feeling congested then it is recommended that you take off the chair and move it outside your vehicle.

This will allow you to install the parts easily while accessing the wires properly. The main panel can be removed by taking off a few screws. You can then check the wiring to see which one is going bad. Take them off and install the new part. Once done, you should cover the wires using tape. T

his will ensure that the connection does not start to spark up. You can then close the panel and your chair should start working again. You can even consult the manual when configuring the wires to ensure you do not replace the wrong ones. People who are hesitant to replace the parts on their own should take the product to a specialist instead.

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  1. I have a loose arm (wobbly) on my Flexsteel captain’s chair. Is there somewhere I can
    go to learn about this repair?


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