How To Repair Flexsteel RV Captain Chair?

Flexsteel RV Captain Chair Repair
Flexsteel RV Captain Chair Repair


If you have a Flexsteel RV Captian Chair, then you are aware of the supreme comfort and luxury that comes with it. Arguably it is one of the best travel companions money can buy.

However, even the best quality and most robust product will wear out over time. Therefore, you should invest in repairing what you have rather than waste money and resources purchasing a new one.

Benefits of the Flexsteel RV Captian Chair

The Captain Chair is a remarkable addition to any RV. But, unfortunately, long and arduous road trips are notoriously uncomfortable and are still difficult for the most seasoned RV enthusiast. Thankfully Flexsteel created a solution that goes above and beyond.

The chair is covered with genuine leather with all the necessary back and lumbar support necessary to maintain posture on a long drive. It is also largely remote-operated, which means it can be controlled easily with one hand without distracting you while driving.

Moreover, the chair has options for an internal heater and an integrated massaging unit to keep you relaxed and knot-free.

Should I Repair or Replace

Sometimes it is more expensive to repair what you have rather than buy a new one. However, this is not generally the case for the Flexsteel Captains Chair.

The chair is designed to last for a long time and be considered an investment in your comfort rather than a one-off purchase. It is manufactured to last for the lifespan of your RV. Like many enthusiasts, we appreciate the importance of maintaining and caring for our belongings.

However, considering how many hours are spent in your driving seat, there will inevitably be some natural wear and tear during its lifespan. Flexsteel has anticipated this and has made an effort to produce replacement parts which are readily available on their webpage.

Ultimately, the Captain Chair is built to last and has a price tag to match the level of quality. Therefore, with the abundance of spare parts and a purchasing price in the thousands of dollars, it will always be a good idea to repair rather than replace.

Flexsteel RV Captain Chair Repair

1. Replacing The Swivel Pedestal

One of the most commonly replaced seat elements is the swivel pedestal. It is the base plate that fixes the seat to the floor of the RV. It contains a hydraulic system for changing the seat height as well as bearings to allow the seat to spin freely and easily.

Swivel Pedestal
Swivel Pedestal

The swivel is a very well-used feature and tends to be one of the first parts of the chair to deteriorate, causing squeaky and stiff movement and not holding the correct driving height.

Fortunately, they are a reasonably easy component to replace. You can easily order a replacement swivel online and simply unbolt and rebolt the new plate into position. You can easily do this at home with a wrench.

Remember to be mindful of some of the chair’s wires which must be unobstructed and placed in the new fixing to prevent them from being damaged.

2. Leather Deterioration

Over time you may find that the seat’s leather coverings begin to deteriorate. In addition, you will most likely notice that the side you enter the chair from will begin to degrade first or more quickly from the rest due to it being the most common point of contact.

Leather deterioration and discoloration is natural, but it requires diligent maintenance to make them look new.

Firstly, you will need to clean the leather. Mix a teaspoon of dish soap combined with a tablespoon of saddle soap into a small bowl of warm water.

Use this to gently scrub the entire chair, not just the damaged area. It is intended to agitate and remove all of the oil grim and grease buildup to prevent any more potent cleaning and dying agents from working correctly.

Depending on the leather’s condition, you can go straight to dye it to the appropriate color or use a leather repair serum first. Both of these are applied in the same manner.

To apply, first, you must allow the leather to dry after the washing process. Next, use a clean cloth to evenly spread a thin dye layer or serum to coat the damaged leather.

You do not have to use a particularly thick coat, as the leather will gain a richer color over time. Finally, after around 30 minutes, wash off the remaining residue and inspect the results.

3. Controls Not Responding

One of the most desirable features of the Captain Chair is its ease of use. Almost all of its functions can be performed with one hand to ensure that any movement can be completed while concentrating on the road.

However, this can be an Achilles’ heel compared to the manual alternative. If there is an issue with the control system, you are left with a fixed chair, but at least it will still be comfortable.

Luckily, there are some simple troubleshooting practices you can perform to diagnose and hopefully resolve the problem.

Firstly you should inspect the fuse system. Consult your owner’s manual and decipher where the fuse is located. Then, replace it with the same amp rating and assess if that has fixed the issue.

Alternatively, you should investigate if there are any other electrical problems within your cabin. For example, try all of your onboard electronics, which are also powered by the internal leisure battery system.

You may have dead batteries or significant cable breakage if there is no power.

There are some critical electrical fasteners at the base of the chair that leads to the hidden electrical infrastructure in your RV. The most exposed points of these cables can be identified where they are most vulnerable to accidental damage.

Check the underside of your chair and identify any issues with the delicate cabling that could result in the chair’s malfunction. Luckily these wiring looms are available to purchase aftermarket online, which you can replace easily at home.


This article has highlighted some key issues associated with the Captain Chair. Most of the common issues have been anticipated and addressed by the manufacturer over time.

In addition, they have provided a vast array of replaceable parts and instruction manuals necessary for you to complete these jobs at home.

Although several potential issues may arise from the Flexsteel RV Captain Chair, they are ultimately built to last. Therefore, they should be easily repairable and maintainable to ensure they last as long as your beloved RV.

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  1. I have a loose arm (wobbly) on my Flexsteel captain’s chair. Is there somewhere I can
    go to learn about this repair?

  2. My chair’s arm came off (it had been loose for a long time). How can it be fixed? How do I take the back off to access the inside?


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