Fixed Yoke vs Slip Yoke- Which One Is Better?

fixed yoke vs slip yoke
fixed yoke vs slip yoke

Going out on camping trips with your friends and family can be a lot of fun. Although, most trips only last a few days, while some enthusiasts want to stay out for much longer trips. Considering this, they must carry lots of equipment with them to stay comfortable on their adventure. Talking about this, most enthusiasts also purchase RVs and motorhomes because of all the features these vehicles come with. This includes having lots of space that you can store all your equipment in.

Although, you should keep in mind that these vehicles can also run into some issues. This is why you must understand how they work so that it can be easier for you to deal with the problems. One thing that many people get confused about is the driveshaft connection on their vehicle. Considering this, you should note that there are two main options including a fixed yoke or slip yoke. We will be using this article to provide you with the differences between these two so that you can understand which one will be better for you.

The Differences Between Fixed Yoke vs Slip Yoke

Fixed Yoke

One of the most important things in your vehicle is its engine. Although, you should understand that there are tons of moving parts connected to this equipment that help your motorhome in moving. This includes the driveshaft which is responsible for transferring the torque from your engine and transmission system to the axles.

Considering this, there are certain things that you should be aware of before selecting a driveshaft for your vehicle. These include checking how much power is generated by the engine. Additionally, what RPM the engine will run on and how much load you will be carrying. Aside from this, the length of the driveshaft and its connections being supported are also essential.

When it comes to the type of flange or yoke used in your driveshaft, you will notice that there are mainly two options. The fixed yoke in a vehicle is installed using different mounts and will only work on an independent rear suspension. This is because there is usually no movement in the rear axle of these vehicles. Considering this, the driveshaft can stay in one place without having to move up and down every time your motorhome runs into a bump.

Slip Yoke

Another famous type of flange or yoke system that is used in vehicles is the slip yoke system. These driveshafts are installed in vehicles that use a sprung rear axle. The main reason behind this is that while a fixed axle system remains in its place. These sprung rear axles will move up and down depending on how the vehicle moves. Considering this, the slip yoke is installed in the output shaft of the transmission system.

Additionally, while the slip yoke is moving, you will notice that it also slips out and then back into the transmission during its different motions. Keeping all of these facts in mind, you will notice that both of these driveshaft types are designed to be installed on specific vehicles. This is why if you are someone who wants to replace the driveshaft on your vehicle due to some problem. Then it is recommended that you visit a workshop nearby you.

The team there will check your vehicle thoroughly to ensure what driveshaft is required on it. You can then directly purchase the driveshaft parts from them and get them installed on your motorhome. Another essential thing that you should know about is that there are tons of other driveshafts available along with these two types. This includes yoke designs that have different joint systems on them.

Luckily, the clerics at your workshop should be able to guide you on these driveshafts, making it easier for you to select one. The only situation when you would think about changing the driveshaft system on your vehicle is if you are switching the transmission system on it. In this case, you should contact the support team for your transmission and ask them about what driveshaft will work best on it. They should be able to help you in answering any queries so that it can be easier for you to select a good yoke system for your vehicle.

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