Fastway E2 Hitch vs Equalizer: What’s The Difference?

fastway e2 hitch vs equalizer
fastway e2 hitch vs equalizer

Going out on camping trips is considered to be fun by most people. However, when taking your friends and family with you, you must bring the right equipment.

One of the most common problems that people get is limited storage. The only way to get rid of this is by purchasing a recreational vehicle or motorhome. Though, these vehicles can cost you a lot.

Which why equipping your vehicle with a trailer can be even better. These provide you with tons of storage but the only downside for them is keeping the weight equally distributed. This is where vehicle weight distribution systems come in. You can install these on your vehicle to make the job easier.

Mainly the two products that are most used by people are Fastway E2 Hitch and Equalizer. We will be using this article to provide you with a comparison between these two so that it can be easier for you to select one.

Fastway E2 Hitch vs Equalizer

Fastway E2 Hitch

The E2 Hitch system by Fastway is among the best solutions for people using a trailer. The product is a complete solution to level your vehicle and the weight on it. You are also provided with a sway control system which is built into it.

The weight distribution paired up with sway control makes the product a two in one solution for people. These solve all the problems that you can get on your trailer. Aside from this, the method to install the product is also quite simple.

Though, you need to ensure that you follow the procedure carefully. Even a small mistake during it can cause you a lot of trouble. This is exactly why the company provides its users with a complete manual. You can go through it to help you along the process. People who are still getting confused can even watch video guides given online.

If you are confused or hesitant about installing the hitch on your own. Then it is recommended that you take your vehicle to a dealer or workshop nearby you that are familiar with this. They will install it on your vehicle for you which takes out the worry of having any problems. Finally, the security system on this product ensures that it will not come off and keep your vehicle stable.

You can have an enjoyable experience without having any issues with driving. The company is also offering a 10-year warranty for their product at the time. You can claim it whenever you feel like the device is giving you errors.

The company will then repair the product for you or might even provide you with a free replacement. Though, it is better if you go through the warranty guidelines beforehand.


The Equalizer is another great product that you can install on your vehicle. The company uses a unique style that has a 4-point sway control. This will keep your trailer stable at all times. This ensures that you can drive at high speeds without having to worry about the trailer swaying around.  However, the most important thing about this device is its weight distribution.

The design allows you to transfer the weight on the tongue of your trailer to all the axles. This makes the process quite easy and will also improve the overall performance of your vehicle. You will get better steering and even control when applying brakes at fast speeds.

The overall adjustments are easy and you can easily unhitch the system whenever you want to. Finally, the product is entirely made of steel which ensures its durability. It should last you a long time without any problems.

But the company also provides a lifetime warranty for people that are hesitant about purchasing it. You can claim it whenever you feel like the product is giving you trouble. There are many dealers that have this available with them. If you are interested then check the main website for the product.

It should have a list of users that are nearby you which you can visit directly. They should also be able to install it for you if you do not want to do that on your own. Contact the helpline for Equalizer if you have any questions about their device.

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