3 Common Entegra RV Problems (Troubleshooting)

entegra rv problems
entegra rv problems

Entegra is one of the most known RV brands out there. If you’re looking for a luxury class RV for your camping adventures then Entegra might be the best option for you.

The reason why so many people love this RV so much is because of how quieter it is as compared to other RV brands. Overall, everything about this RV is premium and will prove to be the perfect partner for your family trips.

However, even the best machines can cause you some headaches from time to time. In this article, we will be going over some common Entegra RV problems and how you can fix them easily.

Entegra RV Problems

  1. Alignment Issues

A lot of users have reported issues with the wheel alignment after buying Entegra. The overall drive feels off and the steering wheels keep on shaking. If you keep on ignoring these issues then the situation will take a turn for the worst. Your tires will wear out and you will have to spend a lot to buy a replacement.

So, the best option would be to take your RV to a workshop as soon as you start noticing symptoms of this error. These include your RV shaking and having to correct the angle of your steering wheel again and again. The best solution for this issue is to take the vehicle to a workshop and have a trusted mechanic take a look at your alignment.

Doing this will save you a lot of money in the long run. Some people try to fix the alignment themselves but end up further damaging it. So, it is recommended that you leave this job to a professional mechanic. This is will ensure that your vehicle is fixed properly in no time.

  1. Power Shade

Another common issue that users were running into frequently was that the power shade was not opening up all the way. It is one of the most important components of an RV and can be quite helpful while camping. It protects you from the sun and you can enjoy your adventure in peace. However, it can be quite annoying if it does not work properly on a sunny day.

Usually, this problem occurs when your RV has a faulty shade motor. The good thing is that the replacement motors are quite cheap and you can buy them easily. If you’ve just recently bought the RV then we recommend that you contact Entegra and demand a replacement motor. Depending upon your warranty status they will provide you with a replacement ASAP.

You can then take your RV to a mechanic to have the motor installed. This installation process is quite easy and you can do it yourself if you have a bit of experience in dealing with similar components. After installing the new motor the power shade will start working properly and you can go on your camping adventures without any issue.

  1. Windows Leaking

Some users have mentioned that the windows on their RV will not work properly. Even though it seems like the windows are closed all the way you can still feel air coming in the RV. This can make it quite hard to manage the temperature inside the vehicle not to mention all the water that will enter your vehicle while it is raining. This is a serious issue that you should fix ASAP.

The main cause for this issue is that the sealing rubber on the edges of your window comes off the fixed position. The sealing rubber’s shape can also get distorted over time which is why the window is not able to seal properly and you run into leaking issues. If you don’t want to bother with replacing the sealing then we recommend that you grab a heat gun and try to shape the rubber back into its place.

However, the seal does not cost that much and it is almost always better to buy new sealing for your RV. This will ensure that you will not run into similar issues any time soon. So, grab yourself some sealing replacement and install them into place using the adhesive that comes along with the sealing rubber. After that just wait for the adhesive to dry out and you should be all set.

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