ECON Travel Trailer Review 2022- Is It Good?

econ travel trailer review
econ travel trailer review

If you enjoy going out for camping and stay out on trips that are longer than just a few days. Then you might be considering of purchasing a vehicle where you can stay. Although RVs can get a little too expensive for some people. This is where pop-up campers and travel trailers come in. These vehicles provide users with all the comfortable settings that a simple RV provides.

But the only downside in them is that these do not have an engine of their own. This is what makes these vehicles so much cheaper when compared to a traditional RV or motorhome. In order to move these vehicles around the users need to tow them down to their car or a truck. If you are thinking of getting a travel trailer of your own. Then one of the best companies that provides them is Pacific Coachworks.

ECON Travel Trailer Review

The ECON travel trailer is a lineup of vehicles made by the company Pacific Coachworks. There are multiple models that you can select from. All of these have different features built into them. Additionally, the price for these vehicles will depend on the model that you select. Most of the trailers provide their users with a double bed to sleep on. This means that you can stay in this trailer with another person if you want to.

Aside from this, you also have access to a full bath system and a toilet.  Only one of the models from these series has a sink in their bathroom. The kitchens in this trailer have a lot of compartments in them. These come in useful for storing in your items and keeping them organized. You also have access to two burners which can be used for cooking.

These travel trailers are smaller in size when you compare them to other models. However, the good thing about this is that you can store these up easily. Most RVs, motorhomes and even trailers are extremely big in size. This is why people store them up in their garages or keep them locked up in compounds when they don’t need them.

Their vehicles are kept stored and become faulty over time due to not being maintained on a regular basis. On the other hand, you can keep your ECON travel trailer cleaned up and maintained easily because of its small size. One downside to having a smaller vehicle is that less people can stay in it.


There are a number of features that you can find on this trailer. One of these is the six gallons of water heater provided on the vehicle. This heater is powered by gas, so this means that you will have to keep a gas tank with you in order to use it. You can keep the water warm for yourself on trips in cold climates. This will help you stay comfortable without having to worry about the cold while you are inside the trailer. The wall frames on this trailer are all made from solid aluminum. This is a really strong metal and ensures that the creaks in your vehicles won’t leak even under heavy rain. On most vehicles, the water from rain ends up entering the vehicle through loose creaks and damaged the insides.

You also have access to a furnace on this vehicle. This can be used to warm down the inside of this trailer according to your desired temperature. Additionally, all the walls, floor and even ceilings are completely insulated. This will keep your vehicle cooled down even when it is parked or is driving directly under sunlight. The roofs also have rubber seals in them to prevent any direct from entering the vehicle.

Aside from all these features, the company provides their users with a list of additional options. These can be selected and then added on to your vehicle. There are a quite a number of modifications that you can do on your vehicle. Although, you should keep in mind that these might end up costing you a lot. This is why it is recommended that you only select the options that are essential for you and ignore the other ones that you do not need.

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