Duramax Exhaust Brake Review 2022- Should You Go For It?

duramax exhaust brake review
duramax exhaust brake review

Exhaust Brakes are used to slow down the speed of your engine. This is done by closing off the exhaust path coming directly from the engine. This makes the gases coming in get compressed completely in the cylinders of your engine.

Your vehicle will then notice that the fuel in it is not being used any further and then slow it down. You might wonder why these are so important.

This is because exhaust brakes can slow down even a vehicle that is heavily loaded down. The force applied by them can completely stop your vehicle even on a downhill platform without using your service brakes. Alternatively, they can even come in handy during dangerous situations.

Duramax Exhaust Brake Review

DMAX or also commonly known as Duramax is a joint company. While 40 percent of their shares are owned by Isuzu the rest of them are owned by GM. The company is mainly known for their redesign of the V-8 turbo engine but they also make exhaust brakes.

Duramax vehicles usually contain diesel engines that are turbocharged or generate a lot of power. This helps these vehicles in pulling off a lot of loads and drive without any problem. This is why the company mostly owns vehicles like RVs or motorhomes.

Even if you own an automatic vehicle and apply the brakes while your vehicle is towed down. You will notice that the braking system your vehicle is usually equipped with takes a lot of time to stop it.

Considering this, it requires a lot of skill to stop your vehicle completely under a lot of loads. This makes it both dangerous for the users riding the vehicle as well as really difficult to drive. Adding a set of exhaust brakes from the company can fix most problems regarding this.

If you are thinking about purchasing a new vehicle from the company, then you should make sure that you get one that already comes with these installed. Although, if you are driving a vehicle that doesn’t then these can be purchased from their store. The exhaust brakes can be installed on your vehicle easily and should start working after the setup.

The brakes usually come with a manual on how to install them. These contain step-by-step instructions that you can follow. Additionally, you can even check guides and follow them throughout to install them.

Although, if you are hesitant about installing these yourself then you should contact a workshop nearby. They should be able to install these for you on your vehicle in a short amount of time.

What Makes It Special

For a user to have the best consistency and effective braking, the company uses an extra valve. This ensures that your vehicle will stop in time according to your RPM. This valve is known as a butterfly valve that regulates the flow of air coming from the engine.

Additionally, the brakes also contain a spring-loaded arm that also helps out in the overall functionality of this system. These allow the brakes to be applied at a much faster rate while making sure that they last a long time.

Before You Purchase

Another thing to note before you get this product is that it is supported by your vehicle. This is really important because specific types of vehicle engines do not support these exhaust brakes. You can easily find a list of vehicles that the exhaust brake will work on by reading its specifications. This should help you out in checking which model you should go for.

Moreover, the features for all of these vary from each other. This is why you should read them as well before you decide on a product. All of these should help you out in getting the best braking system possible for your vehicle. The exhaust brakes from Duramax are a notably better upgrade for your vehicle than the standard ones.

Considering this, you should check these out and think about getting them. Lastly, if you decide to purchase them then you should remember to keep regular maintenance over them. This will not only ensure that they work without problems but will also help out in them lasting a longer time.

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