3 Ways To Fix Duramax Battery Not Charging

duramax battery not charging
duramax battery not charging

There are tons of parts that make up a vehicle. While it is not necessary to know about all of these. You should keep in mind that some parts require you to keep them maintained.

Considering this, you must understand how these work. This should help you in keeping the parts in check and fixing any issues that they run into.

Talking about this, the batteries in your vehicle are one of the most important parts. These allow you to start the engine and run appliances in your car or RV. Duramax is among the best companies that manufacture these devices.

But recently some users have been complaining that their Duramax batter is not charging. If you are getting the same problem then here are some steps that can be used to fix this.

How to Fix Duramax Battery Not Charging?

  1. Clean the Terminals

You must keep your batteries well maintained. This ensures that you do not run into any problems anytime soon. Additionally, it will help your batteries to get a much longer life.

Talking about this, cleaning the terminals on your batteries is one of the most important things. Usually, it is also recommended that you check water levels on your battery and fill them up.

But most Duramax models are dry batteries which is why you can skip this. Terminals that require cleaning should have layers of oxide on them. You should be able to notice this as soon as the connections on your battery are removed.

You can try wiping them off with a wet cloth. Although, if the layer of oxide seems to be fixated, then one better option is to apply warm water to it. This will soften the layer allowing you to remove it easily.

  1. Check Connections

Another reason why your battery might not be charging can be due to their being loose connections. Although, before you try tightening your wires, you must clean off the terminals. This is because the oxide formed also prevents current from flowing just like loose wires.

Once you are done with this, you can then proceed to place your wires back on the terminal. Make sure that these fit on tightly so that the current can be passed through them. In some cases, the terminals can get thin as well but you should be able to notice this when installing the connection.

  1. Replace Battery

No matter how much well-maintained your batteries were. Eventually, these will die out requiring you to replace them with new ones. This might be the case with your batteries as well. Although, if you are confused about this then try checking the lifeline of the device on the manual you got with your batteries.

This should help you in confirming if the battery needs to be replaced or not. Though, before you do this, you can try jump-starting your battery by providing it power from another source. You can then charge it manually from there and see if that fixes your issue.

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