Duracell AGM Battery Review 2021- Is It Good?

duracell agm battery review
duracell agm battery review

AGM is a technology that refers to Absorbent Glass Mat. This was actually made back in the 19080s for the use of equipment and vehicles for the military. These include UPS, vehicles, and even aircraft.

The main focus of this technology was to make that it provides better reliability than other batteries while also reducing the overall weight.

These batteries use sulfuric acid to be absorbed a mat made out of fiberglass. This allows the battery to deliver a really large amount of current while keeping a relatively low resistance in its internal structure.

In short, the battery will be able to easily power up most devices while it ensures that it will run for a long time without running into any problems.

Duracell AGM Battery Review

Duracell is one of the best companies known for providing their customer with some of the greatest batteries. Even though this is a manufacturing company from America, the batteries sold by them are supplied from East Penn. The batteries are manufactured by the company and then provided to Duracell which then sells them ahead to the consumers.

While thinking of purchasing a battery, there are two types that you need to look out for. There are gel batteries and then AGM batteries. The gel batteries are known for losing off power at a faster rate compared to the AGM batteries. However, both of these still have their own pros and cons. There are quite a number of models that you can go through when trying to purchase an AGM battery from Duracell.

Although. the price for all of these depends on their specifications and you can easily choose one of these models depending on your use. One thing to keep in mind is that most of these batteries come with a warranty from the company. This can be from a year to even 2. In case the user runs into any problems with these batteries, they can contact Duracell and they should be able to provide their assistance. Depending on the condition of your battery the company might even get it replaced for you.


Another thing that you should know about these batteries is their features and specifications. Even though these might vary from model to model, the overall performance for all these batteries is really good.

All the batteries provided by Duracell are tested by professionals before they are sold. The testing gives these batteries a live score. In order to check this, the batteries are charged and then discharged at different intervals under various temperatures.

This helps the company in finding a reading for how the battery will perform under different types of load. After this, a life rating is given to these, the higher the score means the better its supply of voltage is throughout its battery cycles.

Another thing that is checked is the reserve capacity for these batteries. If the charging for your battery fails on your car then the reserve capacity should help you in finding how long your battery will for before dying out.

Lastly, all the batteries supplied by Duracell are given a CCA performance check. This tells the user how much voltage they will receive when their battery is completely charged. The test is done by charging the batteries at about 15 volts. While other companies use more power than this to charge their batteries, the amount used by Duracell is the same power that is supplied to a battery while using a vehicle.

This ensures that the tests are more accurate when the battery will be used in a normal environment, compared to lab testing. After all the batteries pass the standards and tests, they are then supplied to the customers. This shows that Duracell is a great company and its products are amazing. The ratings for all their batteries are also quite positive with a lot of good feedback.

Most of these batteries also come with handles included. This will help you in lifting up the battery and moving it around easily. You can easily check all the AGM batteries provided by the company online. After selecting one that fits your requirements, you can easily purchase that from them or from a store nearby you whichever you might prefer.

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