Dometic WH 6GEA Troubleshooting (In 3 Steps)

dometic wh 6gea troubleshooting
dometic wh 6gea troubleshooting

Most camping enthusiasts already have a motorhome or RV with them. This is because they understand how amazing these vehicles can be for them. Most of these motorhomes come with numerous features that ensure their users have a fun time. This includes having a lot of appliances in your vehicle that you can use whenever you want to.

Additionally, having furniture that you can rest on comfortably even while you are traveling. Talking about this, when it comes to the devices in your motorhome. Having a Dometic water heater can be amazing. These devices will ensure that the water in your vehicle is warmed up perfectly. Although, some of these models have also been known for running into problems. Considering this, we will be using this article to provide you with a list of common issues that you can get with Dometic WH-6GEA along with troubleshooting steps.

Important Dometic WH-6GEA Troubleshooting Methods

1. Check Thermostat

The most common reason why you might get a problem with your water heater is if the thermostat on it is not configured properly. This can cause the water in your heat to not warm-up or even get too hot at times. Considering this, you should note that the Dometic WH-6GEA water heater has a thermostat installed on it that can be used to configure its settings.

Make sure that you have entered the configurations correctly to ensure the water heater works perfectly. If you are having trouble trying to set these up. Then you should consult the manual that came with your device. Some people might have lost their manual which is why they should note that a copy of it can be downloaded online.

Make sure that you enter the exact model of your water heater to get the correct manual. Numerous water heaters use varying configurations. Considering this, you shouldn’t confuse the settings of your device with another one. Finally, the manual should have step-by-step instructions that can be followed easily. Using these should help you in setting up the water heater so that you do not get any other problems in the future.

2. Water Pressure Issues

While every single water heater has the same objective of warming up water flowing through its tank. One major difference between these models is how much water pressure they can handle. Some people do not know about this which is why they can get confused in case of problems. Talking about this, the most common issue that you will notice Dometic WH-6GEA getting is either water, not warming.

Alternatively, the warmed-up water can sometimes come out with short bursts of cold water. This can be quite annoying to deal with but the main reason behind this issue is that your water heater cannot handle the pressure. Simply switching off a few taps in your vehicle should help you in taking off some of the load from your water heater.

The user should then be able to notice that their device is now heating water without any issues. Although, this is not a long-term fix. Keeping this in mind, if you want to use more than just a few taps on your vehicle with a constant supply of warm water. Then you will have to replace your Dometic WH-6GEA water heater with a new model. There are numerous options provided online that you can check the specifications of.

3. Contact Customer Support

If you are still getting problems with your water heater even after going through the steps mentioned above. Then it might be quite frustrating for you to continue using your device. When it comes to this, it is important that you first confirm that something is wrong with the water heater itself instead of other equipment. If your device is faulty then you will have to contact the support team for Dometic.

Make sure that you provide them with detailed information regarding your problem. The team will then look into your issue to find what is causing it. Depending on what the issue is, you will either be asked to send in your device for repairs. Alternatively, the company will provide you with a solution. You should be able to get rid of your issue as long as you go through the steps provided by Dometic’s support team.

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