Dometic Toilet Foot Pedal Replacement: Step By Step Guide

dometic toilet foot pedal replacement
dometic toilet foot pedal replacement

Dometic is a Swedish company that manufactures lots of products. While these include refrigerators, sanitation products, and even coolers. Most of them are made specifically for being used in a recreational vehicle.

Aside from this, you can even install these in a boating or hospitality industry or any other service that might require portable units.

The company is quite famous and they have received no major complaints from their users. You can easily check their lineup by opening up their website.

It should contain all the information about their products along with any help that you need. You can even sort the different items to find one that best suits your needs.

Dometic Toilet Foot Pedal Replacement

If you own a Dometic Toilet then you should note that some of the models provided by them contain a foot pedal. This can be used to flush down the system easily. Though, in some cases, the foot pedal might break down for you or become faulty.

If this happens then you will have to completely replace it. Before starting with the process, you should keep some things in mind. Make sure that you have selected a unit that is compatible with your exact model.

There is a huge lineup of toilets to choose from which have different parts and procedures to install them. Considering this, having a supported foot pedal with you is essential.

Usually, Dometic provides their users with a complete spring mechanism which includes the foot pedal, shaft, and even ball. You will have to completely replace all of these. You should go through the manual given to you beforehand to keep all the right equipment with you. Additionally, you will even be able to go through certain steps to ensure there is no error.

  • Start by switching on the water pump and then flushing out the toilet completely. This will ensure that there is no water pressure in your unit before you start with the procedure.
  • Clean around your toilet’s base if there is any leaking water and then completely drain your water tank. Now put on some rubber gloves to ensure that you do not catch on to any bacteria.
  • Start by removing your previous spring mechanism and the foot pedal. These should be connected and you can take them off by unscrewing a few nuts. If these have been covered with silicone gel then use a little heat on them to take them off easily.
  • You can finally finish the process by installing your new mechanism. Make sure that you line it up carefully while tightening in the screws. Now check if it is loose or not.
  • If you notice any movement in the system then uses silicone gel or an alternative to tighten up the connection.
  • Lastly, you should make sure that your foot pedal touches the ground when it is completely pressed but does not touch it midway. This will ensure that it has been installed perfectly without any issues.

Fill up the water back in your toilet tank to start using your new foot pedal without any more problems.

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