4 Ways To Fix Dometic Camper Fridge Not Working

dometic camper fridge not working
dometic camper fridge not working

Dometic Camper Fridges are some of the best options that you can get it out there for the camper vans. They are simply perfect in terms of efficiency, cost reduction, and aesthetics. The Dometic fridges can work on all the different voltages including the 12-volts that a cigarette lighter from the vehicle can supply.

So, there should be no issues for you in making it work for your camping trip. However, if for some reason the fridge stops working and you are unable to get your stuff cooled down, then here are a few things that you will need to try.

How To Fix Dometic Camper Fridge Not Working?

1. Check Wiring

The first thing you should be checking on is the wiring and you will need to make sure that the wiring is fine. So, look out for any apparently broken bits or some sharp bends that might be causing you to have the issue.

If there are any such things on the wiring, you will need to have that part replaced to ensure the perfect supply of current to the fridge.

2. Check Circuit breakers

You will also need to ensure that the circuit breakers are fine and that they are not tripped. The circuit breaker is tripped when there is some short circuit or some other issue on your circuit. So, make sure that you find the reason first if you find that a circuit breaker is tripped.

Once you figure out the reason and get it fixed. You should be checking on the circuit breaker again and turn it on once again to make sure that the current supply is fine and that it can work without any issues.

3. Check Fuses

Then, you will have to make sure that the fuses are fine as well. These fuses protect your circuits from the current surcharge and if the amount of current is more than the fridge can take, they will simply cut the supply to your fridge. So, make sure that the fuse connected to the fridge and your power supply is alright.

If not, you need to get that changed to a good one and that will help you solve the problem for good and your fridge will be up and running in no time at all. It would be great to keep the fuses handy with you when you are going for a trip to ensure that you can avoid and fix such problems if you encounter any while on the trip.

4. Get the Fridge Checked

Well, if nothing has worked for you, then there is most likely to be something wrong with the fridge. So, you should get it checked with the Dometic to diagnose for any issue. So, they will be able to figure it out properly and make sure that they fix it for good.

If you need a replacement or repair, that would best be confirmed by them. Make sure that you don’t take it to any unauthorized repair shop as it will not only void your warranty but also can be dangerous for you.

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