How Do RV Awning De-Flappers Work?

How Do RV Awning De-Flappers Work?
How Do RV Awning De-Flappers Work?

How Do RV Awning De-Flappers Work?

Most RV users decide to go on their trips during summer vacations, although this is usually the most ideal and common time to do it, it has a big disadvantage. We are talking about heat and high temperatures. Luckily there are some alternatives to deal with it, not just only AC which takes a lot of power but also awnings, a classic in the RV and camping industry.

We sometimes forget that the UV rays of the sun can severely damage us if we are exposed for a long time not to mention it can fade furniture, window frames, curtains, etc. So, with a good awning which is in the same family of parasols or pergolas, you can protect yourself and your RV in an efficient way.

Another important point of awnings is that they help to save energy. On hot days, spread it out to prevent the sun from entering your RV. The shadow created by it will naturally cool your home and reduce air conditioning, and if after a while if you feel like the interior of your house is too cold you can retract them and let the sun warm it up a bit.

There are many different types of awnings, they vary on the material (vinyl, fabrics, and polyester) and on how they are assembled. They can be fixed and stationary or retractable.

Although they may seem perfect there is a constant complaint among awning users and that is that when there is wind, the awning can be very noisy and also because of this, it suffers damage like tearing or ripping which eventually ends up in RV users having to replace it for a new one.

Fortunately for everyone, there is a company called Camco that decided to step into the game and create a solution for this common problem. They call it the De-Flapper and is purely designed like its name says to “De-Flap” the awning. Meaning it will protect it from the wind, noise, and flapping, preventing any future damage, keeping it in a stable position.

The de-flapper consists of a hook and a strap that securely tightens the awning making it as steady as it can. Imagine an innovative seatbelt for your awning that is made of very durable materials, resistant to rust caused by harsh weather conditions. It is also universal for all your awning installations in your RV, regardless of the type and style.

There are several models so just make sure you choose the one that is more suitable for you. They are also very affordable compared to having to replace the whole awning, they range from $20-$30 USD. So now you know how to make sure your awning receives the proper maintenance and there are no excuses to deal with the noisy flapping!


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