Buying A Dinette Table for Toy Hauler RVs? Here’s a Guide!

Buying A Dinette Table for Toy Hauler RVs? Here's a Guide!
Buying A Dinette Table for Toy Hauler RVs? Here’s a Guide!

Dinette Table for Toy Hauler RVs

Toy haulers are definitely one of a kind when we talk about RVs. They are way underrated on what they have to offer. If you are still not familiar with what Toy haulers are, they basically consist of a trailer (can range from small to big) with a ramp on the back that is suitable for “recreational toys” such as bikes, ATVs, canoes, surfboards, etc.

Since their main objective is to hold these toys in their dedicated garage-like area, the available space inside of it is often reduced, and toy hauler users have to opt for different size amenities as opposed to what they would usually choose on another type of RV, such as smaller tables. Which is what we will talk about in-depth today.

Why are tables so important? They are of great help when we want to have a meal. Sitting down in a table to eat a meal is a family activity that promotes unity and is a very healthy dynamic. So, having the right table that fits every member of our family is essential, even if it’s inside a toy hauler, it’s something we have to keep in mind and also consider the right size that would fit inside our limited space. Most toy haulers RV have bench seats equipped inside but sometimes don’t include a table or the one that is included is not efficient at all, so people decide to replace it. This is when toy haulers users have to look out for different options that are suitable and useful. Since the seats are already big enough the easiest and efficient solution is to opt for a foldable or removable dinette table. We will give you some things to consider before buying one.


Even though you are going to buy a dinette table that is not fully attached to the floor, you need to find a table that is sturdy enough to handle enough weight (for food, drinks, plates, etc.). One that will not collapse the minute the RV hits a bump.


There are many materials to choose from, from plastic, wood to even light metals like aluminum. But as we mentioned, you want something that will handle enough weight, so sometimes the cheap plastic ones are not very viable. Unless you want something temporary and eventually upgrade. There even some fancy options like marble dinette tables.


It really depends on what type of material you choose, but they can range as low as $30 USD to $300 USD, there is a wide selection to choose from, not just the materials, but also aesthetically wise, you want something that matches with the rest of your RV. You can buy one on Amazon or specialized RV stores.

Now you know what are the 3 most important elements to consider when buying a new dinette table for your toy hauler.

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