3 Most Common Damon Avanti Problems

damon avanti problems
damon avanti problems

Going out on camping trips with your family and friends can be a lot of fun. Many enthusiasts go out on trips frequently. When it comes to them, they must bring the best possible equipment with them. This is because these users enjoy staying on their trips for a longer time. Considering this, these enthusiasts will purchase large vehicles like motorhomes that they can live in.

Many companies manufacture these large RVs; however, this is exactly why it is so confusing to select one. Damon Avanti is one of the most popular motorhomes that you can get for yourself.

The vehicle is mostly popular for all the features it comes with but keep in mind that there are some issues as well. This is why we will be using this article to tell you about some common problems that you can get on Damon Avanti along with its solutions.

Common Damon Avanti Problems

1. Engine Problems

One of the most common problems that you will hear people talking about on this vehicle is related to its engine. Although, you should understand that there is not just a single issue but many problems that you can run into.

The first complaint is related to the engine is too loud. Although, there is no fix for this and you will have to get used to the sound made by this device. Most drivers are not even bothered by it and the noise does not reach the rooms in your vehicle which makes the issue easy to ignore.

Aside from this, some other common problems that you can run into are with your engine oil and coolant. Although, these are mostly stuff that you should keep an eye on. The engine oil has to replace once the mileage on it runs out. Furthermore, the coolant has to be filled in whenever it starts running low. You can change these on your own but keep in mind that a pair of jacks will be required.

If you are having trouble trying to replace these then watch a video guide online. This will help you in understanding how the process works. The only thing that you have to be careful of is what brand you are choosing for the coolant and engine oil. These have to be from a well-known brand as using cheap ones will most likely cause further issues for you.

2. Awning Getting Stuck

The Damon Avanti comes with an awning which can be quite fun to use while you are on your trip. Although, the main issue that people get with these is that the awning can get stuck sometimes. The main reason behind this is that either your motor has something stuck in it or it has become faulty. However, before getting into how you can fix this.

One thing that you should be aware of is that the awning pre-installed on Damon Avanti is from Carefree. These are known for running into problems like these and will constantly have to troubleshoot them. This is why many people consider getting a model without these awnings on them.

Alternatively, if you are someone who wants to use them then it is better that you replace the awning with new ones. Choose a better-quality awning to ensure that you do not run into similar problems like this again.

3. Faulty Vehicle or Appliances

Finally, one last problem that you should know about is that sometimes the Damon Avanti might come with issues from the backend. This includes having faulty appliances or problems like leaks on your motorhome.

While these can annoy the user a lot, you should not that the vehicle comes with warranty service. This covers any problems that were from the company’s backend. Considering this, contact the brand, and taking your vehicle back to the dealer will allow you to get the faulty equipment replaced.

If the problem can be fixed then the company will repair these for free. Just make sure that you go through the warranty guidelines before contacting the support team.

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