Companion Flange vs Slip Yoke- Which To Use?

companion flange vs slip yoke
companion flange vs slip yoke

If you are a camping enthusiast then there is a high chance that you already own a motorhome or RV for yourself. These vehicles come with numerous features which are all made so that their users can have a fun and relaxing experience. Some of the features include having lots of storage space that you can keep all of your equipment. This is amazing as the user no longer has to worry about how much stuff they are taking with them. Additionally, you also have completely furnished rooms that you can comfortably rest in even while you are traveling.

Although, one thing that many people forget is that most of the features on these vehicles are dependent on the model you purchase. Considering this, it is best that you properly go through the ratings of companies that you are interested in. With that being said, one part that some people get confused about in their vehicles is its driveshaft. The two parts that many users question is the companion flange and slip yoke. Considering this, we will be using this article to provide you with all the information required about these.

Companion Flange vs Slip Yoke Comparison

Companion Flange

Checking the specifications for your motorhome before getting it will help you in selecting a vehicle that will last you a long time without any issues. Although, even if you have the best possible motorhome, there is still a chance of it running into problems. This is why you must understand how the different parts of it work. One of the most complicated parts to keep a check over in your motorhome include its engine and transmission system.

The driveshaft in your vehicle is the device responsible for transferring the torque from the parts to the axles. This in result will make the wheels on your motorhome spin. Now that you understand how these small parts work, one question that many people ask about is what a companion flange is. This is a small application used on some vehicles to connect the driveshaft to the transmission system.

Keep in mind that these devices come in numerous shapes and sizes. Additionally, these can also help with installing driveshafts on modified or custom vehicles. However, one thing that you should understand is that these companion flanges are not required on every motorhome. Depending on what model you are using and the length of your vehicle. The driveshaft on it might be tightly connected with the transmission without having to install any additional part.

Slip Yoke

Going through the information provided above, you should already understand how driveshafts work and why these are essential for a vehicle. With that being said, the slip yoke is a part that is installed on the driveshafts to compensate for their length. Usually, a driveshaft is quite small and the slip yoke extends it to help in keeping a secure connection with the transmission system as well as axles.

Moreover, most of the load or pressure put on the vehicle when running into bumps is put on the slip yoke. Considering this, you should note that some vehicles also have a fixed yoke on them that will cause the entire vehicle to shake from this pressure. However, when it comes to a slip yoke, most of the pressure exerted on it is nullified. This is done by the technology used in this equipment.

If you are someone who is running into problems with the driveshaft on their vehicles or wants to replace these for some reason. Then you should take your vehicle to a workshop. Trying to install a slip yoke or companion flange on your vehicle by yourself can be quite difficult. Furthermore, purchasing all the parts required just by measuring the driveshaft will take a lot of time.

This is why you should get the clerics at the workshop to help you out in checking what joints and yoke systems are required. Usually, you can easily select the type of yoke you want on your motorhome. But choosing a joint connection like a companion flange will only be required if the length of your driveshaft is too small. Additionally, these have to be installed in pairs for the best performance so keep that in mind.

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